According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the franchise had four other finalists for names when it was awarded in 1974: Mariners, Olympics, Evergreens and Sockeyes. As for the unique neon green? With the running game struggling, the team gave up 52 sacks, up from 23 in 1979. What color do you make the Sockeyes? 1976–2001:The Seahawks enter the NFL as an expansion team in 1976. Focus on Sport // Getty Images. The facemask changed color from gray to blue and the Seahawks logo was added to the sleeves on top of the original stripes. Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Then: Seattle Seahawks. The 12 feathers on the pant leg strip represent the 12th Man. Now that you know more about Seattle’s history of uniforms, are any of them the greatest in the NFL’s long history? Go Hawks! Old school vs. New School. And finally, with Nike taking over NFL uniforms last year, the Seahawks received another drastic makeover. But how did the Seattle Seahawks receive the look it so uniquely holds to its name today? The beginning of the team and the classic Seahawks jersey. They accumulated four road wins, but lost all eight regular season home games. Dave Dameshek at is asking fans to vote for the Greatest Uniform in NFL history. Your privacy is safe with us. In any case, NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle and NFL Executive Director Jim Kensil both liked the Seahawks name because it was “indigenous to the area and aggressive.”. Seattle Seahawks news from FanSided Daily, Statistics And Metrics: What Makes A Good Evaluation Metric, Golden Tate’s Future With The Seahawks Remains Clouded, 15 Best Free Agent Acquisitions of All-Time, LA Rams win, but path to NFL playoffs still muddy, Jairus Byrd Reportedly to Be Released by Saints on 1st Day of Free Agency, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 2021 NFL three-round mock draft, Chiefs players go bananas like all of us over DeAndre Hopkins Hail Mary catch. 1982 : The Seahawks add a blue lined V neck collar to the white jersey . Perhaps you remember it? 6 seed in the NFC, facing off against the No. Are you a fan of the Old School or New School look? The Seattle Seahawks have a very brief logo history in terms of changing the original design and color scheme. Love it or hate it, Nike put a lot of thought into Seattle’s new uniforms and so far, the experiment has worked. Fast forward two years to the debut of the team in 1976. You can vote for or against every team in the NFL here. Oh, last thing. Memorable moments included a 26–7 win in Houston, intercepting Kenny Stabler five times; a 17–16 win in Kansas City (their last at Arrowhead Stadium until 1990); and a 14–0 win in Washington, with the offense rushing for over 220 yards. According to Nike, Inc.’s official website, the color of the uniforms are “rooted in Seattle’s own environmental hues.” Everything on each jersey is symbolic in its own way to the city of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest in general. Divisional matchups have the AFC West playing the NFC East. The Seahawks earned a No. 12 feathers are also features on each side of the neckline and the 12th Man logo is sewn on the inside back collar of the jersey. So there you have it. The answer to that question depends on your preference between the classic look and the new vibrant look of teams. at Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri, at Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, California, at San Diego Stadium, San Diego, California,, 1980 National Football League season by team, Articles with dead external links from February 2019, Articles with permanently dead external links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, SEA – Efren Herrera 28-yard field goal, 8:18 (SD 24–6), SD – John Jefferson 23-yard pass from Dan Fouts (Rolf Benirschke kick), 2:26 (SD 31–6), SD – Rolf Benirschke 29-yard field goal, 1:50 (SD 34–13), SEA – Efren Herrera 19-yard field goal, 9:05 (SEA 10–0), KC – Nick Lowery 50-yard field goal, 5:37 (SEA 17–10), KC – Nick Lowery 23-yard field goal, 1:15 (SEA 17–14), KC – Nick Lowery 57-yard field goal, 8:35 (SEA 17–16), NE – Stanley Morgan 40-yard pass from Steve Grogan (John Smith kick), 6:31 (NE 17–10), NE – John Smith 30-yard field goal, 0:00 (NE 20–17), SEA – Steve Largent 31-yard pass from Jim Zorn (Efren Herrera kick), 14:46 (NE 27–24), NE – John Smith 29-yard field goal, 12:23 (NE 30–24), SEA – Sam McCullum 21-yard pass from Jim Zorn (Efren Herrera kick), 8:57 (SEA 31–30), SEA – Efren Herrera 33-yard field goal, 10:10 (SEA 13–0), SEA – Sam McCullum 24-yard pass from Jim Zorn (Efren Herrera kick), 9:35 (SEA 20–0), SEA – Efren Herrera 50-yard field goal, 0:56 (SEA 23–0), SEA – Efren Herrera 44-yard field goal, 10:25 (SEA 26–0), CLE – Mike Pruitt 22-yard run (Don Cockroft kick), 13:20 (CLE 27–3), NYJ – Pat Leahy 22-yard field goal, 12:27 (NYJ 17–10), SEA – Efren Herrera 23-yard field goal, 8:35 (NYJ 17–13), SEA – Jim Jodat 1-yard run (Efren Herrera kick), 2:06 (SEA 27–17), OAK – Chris Bahr 38-yard field goal, 10:59 (OAK 6–0), OAK – Chris Bahr 30-yard field goal, 11:47 (OAK 9–0), OAK – Bob Chandler 12-yard pass from Jim Plunkett (Chris Bahr kick), 14:07 (OAK 23–0), OAK – Bob Chandler 23-yard pass from Jim Plunkett (Chris Bahr kick), 8:51 (OAK 30–7), OAK – Chris Bahr 25-yard field goal, 2:44 (OAK 33–14), SEA – Efren Herrera 31-yard field goal, 0:04 (SEA 6–0), PHI – Tony Franklin 39-yard field goal, 0:54 (PHI 17–13), PHI – Billy Campfield 5-yard run (Tony Franklin kick), 2:43 (PHI 24–20), PHI – Tony Franklin 25-yard field goal, 1:30 (PHI 27–20), SEA – Efren Herrera 39-yard field goal, 1:34 (SEA 10–3), SEA – Efren Herrera 31-yard field goal, 9:23 (SEA 20–10), SEA – Efren Herrera 33-yard field goal, 3:39 (SEA 23–10), KC – Frank Manumaleuga 22-yard interception return (Nick Lowery kick), 11:33 (KC 24–23), SEA – Efren Herrera 37-yard field goal, 14:56 (SEA 17–7), OAK – Chris Bahr 28-yard field goal, 0:56 (OAK 19–17), DEN – Fred Steinfort 24-yard field goal, 4:02 (Tied 10–10), DEN – Fred Steinfort 33-yard field goal, 6:31 (DEN 20–10), SEA – Efren Herrera 20-yard field goal, 14:57 (DEN 20–13), DAL – Tony Dorsett 1-yard run (Rafael Septien kick), 11:03 (DAL 44–0), NYG – Joe Danelo 32-yard field goal, 11:52 (NYG 6–0), NYG – Earnest Gray 50-yard pass from Scott Brunner (Joe Danelo kick), 11:47 (NYG 20–14), SD – Chuck Muncie 10-yard run (Rolf Benirschke kick), 11:21 (SD 14–0), DEN – Fred Steinfort 55-yard field goal, 0:46 (DEN 19–0), DEN – Fred Steinfort 34-yard field goal, 6:45 (DEN 22–3), DEN – Fred Steinfort 38-yard field goal, 2:16 (DEN 25–3), This page was last edited on 7 August 2020, at 00:58. This look remained relatively unchanged until 2002, when the team got its most drastic uniform update in franchise history. Broad chest graphic outlining the shoulders echoes the stance of a Thunderbird totem. 11 seed Tampa Bay Buccaneers, another team that modernized its entire jersey for the visual appeal. What is the most handsome uniform in the NFL? Then you have the Seattle Seahawks, a team that shocked most of the sports world by unveiling a uniform last year that was either genius or ridiculous, again, based on your preference of the way an NFL uniform should look. The plan was originally to use both, one at home and one on the road, but per NFL regulations only one helmet cpuld be used during the season. The team started off 4–3, then lost the remaining nine games of the season. More indicative of the season were the home losses: a week 1 34–13 rout at home inflicted by the Chargers, a 37–31 loss to the New England Patriots, featuring several lead changes, as the Seattle defense could not hold on; losing to the Kansas City Chiefs 31–30, after going into the 4th quarter with a 23–10 lead, and the Chiefs intercepting Jim Zorn a season-high five times, leading to 17 KC points. Build your custom FanSided Daily email newsletter with news and analysis on Seattle Seahawks and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. LA Chargers Week 10 Overreactions: A changing of the guard. The uniforms in Dallas, San Francisco, Washington, Green Bay and Pittsburgh, for example, are all classic in the sense that they haven’t changed much throughout their respective team’s history. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. Aug 30, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) looks for an open receiver during the 1st half against the Oakland Raiders at CenturyLink Field. According to the Seahawks official website, the colors were changed to “Seahawks blue, Seahawks navy and Seahawks green.” And, for the first time in franchise history, the helmet was changed to blue instead of silver. 1980: The Seahawks join the crowd and ditch the fogey black cleats for the sleek white footwear. Franco Harris wound down his career in Seattle, wearing these blue jerseys that featured a large Seahawks logo on the sleeve.