That’s at the low end of a price range in instruments that can reach several thousand dollars at the upper reaches. The neck of the ukulele, as well as its soundboard, has been strengthened to help ensure durability and quality. Aklot solid bamboo ukulele, all parts are made of Bamboo wood. Most of the Kmise ukulele line sells on Amazon for under $100 CAD, including many with a gig bag, strap, and tuner. The natural solid mahogany wood provides a more natural and compact feeling, which gives the ukulele a better sustenance. The bass ukulele is an intriguing miniaturization. Aklot Bamboo Ukulele. They’re relatively modern, certainly not traditional, but still, draw on centuries of ukulele manufacturing and innovation. the body, neck, head including the fingerboard that make the Ukulele sound more clearly, better and brighter. Compact and portable, the size of the instrument allows you to store the instrument in small spaces, like in airplane holds. Their Aklot series (see the bamboo uke, below) is a bit more expensive than their other models, but not much. Learn more about why this ukulele will change your life! We've taken all of our experience building thousands of guitars to create the most durable and amazing sounding carbon fiber ukulele out there. The AKLOT ukulele comes with a solid wood soundboard. Perfect for travel and home. Bamboo wood is harder compared to other types of wood and has the tiniest chance to shrink due to Humidity.