These old wood flooring and cladding options are the type you will have never seen before. ft. workshops we receive and restore huge stocks of reclaimed timber, including original period floorboards, 12 species of parquet woodblock, and our signature reclaimed wide oak planking. W1W 8TA. Woolston For personal use, visit your local retail partner, which you can easily find here or for commercial use, contact us here. WA1 4RQ, 79 Margaret Street We have in-house kilns and the capability to fully engineer our boards so that all our floors - even those made from unique antique timber - can be installed over an under-floor heating system or floated on top of concrete sub-floors. For more unique engineered wood flooring, and more interesting origin stories, view our Rare Finds. All species of wood can be reclaimed or antique, and reclaimed and antique Douglas Fir, Elm, Pine, Jarrah, Antique Oak flooring can be found in Woodworks by Ted Todd. Take our Dark Colonial Teak for example – we travelled almost 5,000 miles to source these history-packed boards from South East Asia before carefully repairing any knots and staining to create a stunning Rare Find floor. After 35 years in the Reclaimed Wood industry, we know a lot about old and antique timber. In our 13,000 sq. Packed with personality and character, these gently restored old wood floors have serious pedigree both historically and visually. Antique wood flooring provides a connection to the outdoors and the wonders of the natural world. When choosing antique and reclaimed wood, they share the environmental, design and character-filled benefits, so often the reason to choose one over another depends on how their story resonates with you. Minimal environmental impact is another big plus. Antique wood is any wood that is more than a century old. London Highly unlikely to ever be seen again, our vintage wood floors as are an opportunity to own a piece of history. Antique wood flooring provides a connection to the outdoors and the wonders of the natural world. All sustainable, all ethical, all one-of-a-kind pieces that have been given new life. Antique flooring feels at home in all rooms and projects, both modern and classic. Antique Wood Flooring We provide Antique Flooring in a wide range of reclaimed wood varieties, sizes, and styles ranging from rustic to elegant. The term ‘reclaimed wood’ does however cover all wood that has been sourced and recycled from a building or construction, to be used for a new purpose, which in our case, is for vintage wood floors and cladding. Due to their rich and long lives, antique wood floors are steeped in history and authenticity, their vintage patinas evidence of both their beauty and our eco-philosophy. Whether you choose antique oak flooring or a vintage elm floor, all these old wood floors add character and tell an interesting tale. Browse here then get in touch to talk through your requirements. We specialise in retaining timeworn surfaces. After 35 years in the Reclaimed Wood industry, we know a lot about old and antique timber. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We achieve this by hand DA sanding, each board to retain the wear and character that is unique to it and all antique and reclaimed wood. The aged patina and texture evident in old, reclaimed floors, offers designers a softer, more lived-in effect, that works with older buildings or indeed adds to many contemporary spaces. As the world becomes increasingly urbanised, we all yearn to be closer to nature. Antique wood floors, or reclaimed wood flooring, are made of salvaged timbers from historic buildings in strategic parts of the country. As a wood flooring company, sustainability is always at the heart of our actions and all our antique woods have been sourced with the due care and attention you come to expect from Woodworks by Ted Todd. 18 Chesford Grange As with other antique items, antique wood flooring is desirable due to its age, rarity, condition, beauty and representation of a previous era in human history. Cheshire Most often, it’s a type of reclaimed wood, having already had a previous use in its life. If vintage flooring is the key to your project, our Layton antique oak flooring brings a 17th-century oak into the modern-day with a never-seen-before old wood floor. Elsewhere, antique pine from the Old War Office, privy to the conversations and footsteps of Prime Ministers and other historic figures has been transformed into War Office Pine, ready to host yet more history. The installation process works in the same way to our new floors too, ensuring there are no restrictions for laying antique flooring. Inspect our reclaimed floor planks by hand and you’ll discover the rustic detail you’ll only find in authentic antique flooring: Saw marks and nail holes made a century ago, naturally weathered wood from the exterior of a barn, and the tight grain patterns distinctive to antique hardwoods. Alternatively, come and visit us for your chance to see first-hand what we do and the care we take with our work. Using an antique wood floor from Woodworks by Ted Todd gives numerous advantages relating to rarity, quality, environmental impact, and beyond.