Through the pursuit of a Philosophy degree, students will be tasked with thinking through philosophical questions from the past, as well as applying philosophical ideas to problems of today. Through the pursuit of a Fashion Design degree, students will study the different skills needed to design clothing. In order to maintain the health and well-being of a business’ most important asset, its people, it is imperative that businesses employ people that are experts in the management of human resources. They will learn how to use cultural, biological, linguistic, and archaeological techniques to gain a more vivid understanding of humanity. This industry is expected to grow 3% by the year 2026. Through a degree in English, students will learn a variety of soft skills including persuasion, creativity, argumentation, and much more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, graphic designers earn a median annual salary of $48,700/year. Students will study a variety of different philosophers from across history. By pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree, students will study topics including thermodynamics, material sciences, friction, as well as other science-related topics. On this list, you will find degrees that have met certain criteria that we believe supports this degrees relevancy going into the future. Students will learn the components that make up computer hardware and the ways that software can be used to call upon these different components to complete different functions. Students will study the current forms of government across the globe and the different positives and negatives that come with different forms of government. One of our top degrees for the future, the Information Management Systems degree is a great option for students wanting to work at the cross-section of information technology and business. The medical field is vast and has a variety of different employment opportunities. Students will study our history of policy-making to gain more insight into the way that our government accomplishes tasks and how policy is made. A great degree for the future, a Film Studies degree is fantastic for those who want to use the medium of film to tell stories. Using the fundamentals of chemistry and science, students studying Chemistry will learn how to use their knowledge to create new chemical compounds and materials that are integral to a variety of different businesses and industries. Students who choose to pursue an Information Technology degree will be preparing themselves with the education needed to succeed in a growing job market. A top degree for the future, a History degree is great for those who are curious about our past and want to help to expand our understanding of where we came from. Typically, entry-level positions in this industry require students to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. A Marketing degree is one of our top degrees for the future as it provides students with an education in a very vital business sector. A Social Science degree is one of the top degrees for the future as it affords students a flexibility of career paths within an industry that is expected to have high job growth over the coming decade. Typically, a Bachelor’s degree is the level of education needed for students to gain entry-level positions in this industry. By completing a Social Work degree program, students will have gained an education that will have prepared them for careers as social workers, case workers, substance abuse counselors and much more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, museum curators and archivists earn a median annual salary of $47,360/year. Students will also begin to study a variety of different technology topics as they pertain to the promotion of proper health. For students who want a degree for the future that allows them to work with sound and instruments should consider enrolling in a Music degree. You can do this by using the Symbol drop-down menu or the keyboard shortcut, Alt + 0176. The typical level of education needed for entry-level positions in this field of work is a Bachelor’s degree. Students will learn how to review the findings of other students and to develop their own research to gain a new understanding of our past and to question the things that we once held to be true about our history and culture. By studying an Electrical Engineering degree program, students will learn the various skills and theories needed to succeed in the electrical engineering industry. Some students will find work in advertising or promotions, and many will find work as marketing managers. Many students will take their Spanish education to become Spanish teachers, consultants or translators. Students will learn how to take the inside of buildings, homes, and offices and shape them in a way that they can become more functional and more hospitable to the people using them. Students in a Graphic Design degree program will learn the various disciplines and skills needed to succeed as a graphic designer. They will learn how to prescribe a variety of different treatments and therapies to those suffering from mental illness in order to help them lead healthier lives. Petroleum Engineering. Students who want a more liberal arts-focused degree for the future should consider enrolling in a Philosophy degree. What Degree Do I Need to Work as a NASA Scientist? They will learn the various processes that govern the natural world. In this topic of study, students will learn about the chemical makeup of different materials and how to manipulate the chemical structure of materials to change their properties to make new materials. Typically, the entry-level of education required for this industry is a Bachelor’s degree. Students will also be tasked with learning about new pieces of technology that is used to examine these physical phenomena. A Content Writer for, Chloe has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Reading and grew up in Leicestershire, UK. Through the pursuit of a degree in English, students will receive a well-rounded liberal arts education. One of our top degrees for the future, an Industrial Engineering degree is highly sought after in many industries and commands a very high salary.