Additionally, you can have fun with what you layer in between the pancakes. Applesauce: This is the usual accompaniment to potato pancakes, jarred or homemade. A number of the others kind of spin off the ingredients of the pancakes or off of other elements of Jewish cuisine. Spicy vegetable fajitas Fast becoming a favourite of those who take their pancakes seriously – buttermilk is the secret ingredient in James Martin’s indulgent recipe, which is more than worthy of its five-star rating. Whip out the frying pan and get flipping! Discover our top 10 ways to serve pancakes on Shrove Tuesday from sticky sweet syrups to savoury combinations. 9. Well, you need a substitute for maple syrup, fast, because there are few things that are sadder to eat than plain pancakes. Try our buttermilk pancakes with sticky bananas and Brazil nuts. The first two here are the most traditional. You'll want to skip the seafood dinner buffet in favor of these pancakes. Combine the applesauce with dried apricots, cranberries or … And fortunately, there are lots of items in your pantry and fridge that will do just fine as a replacement for maple syrup. "Not only can you top pancakes with something unusual like grilled shrimp with garlic sauce, but you can also [eat] your pancake with fillings like mushrooms and corn," Chef Burke said.