The other online-only Beautyrest mattress is called Beautyrest Hybrid. Their Beautyrest flagship brand has been a household name for many decades. There’s the luxury firm pillow top, a luxury firm, an extra firm, a plush pillow top and a plush model. The opposite is true of more petite individuals. If you’re mostly a back or stomach sleeper, the luxury firm is likely the model you will prefer. In terms of keeping the mattress clean, your best bet is just spot cleaning. For the plush version, you’ll want to favor your side. Our master bedroom has a view so we plan to let most guests enjoy our master suite. The company applies its expertise across all products. The mattresses have foam layers on top of the springs for contouring and additional support. So keep this in mind when you see some review sites call out consumer complaints. Higher-end mattresses come with higher-end prices. Those collections will give you longer durability and better materials. And they minimize motion transfer when a partner gets in or out of bed. Yes, Beautyrest Black and Beautyrest Hybrid are both innerspring mattresses. It is soft, yet supportive. All Rights Reserved. The extra firm version is just that—a firm bed. The more you weigh, the more weight you’ll be putting on the bed, and the softer it will feel for you. Gel helps to keep your bed cool and also does a good job helping the mattress conform to your body curves. In 2018 they merged again with Tuft & Needle. You can view all the collection comparisons and details. The bed is designed specifically to have reinforced edges. A top layer of cooling material helps to control body heat so you don't get hot since that can make it difficult to sleep well. The firmer models will be best for back and stomach sleepers because back and stomach sleepers need to keep their spines in neutral alignment, not curved or arched. If you go down the list of things that you want to see in a bed, Calista has a lot of them. That said, for most people, the bed should be fine in terms of motion isolation. The edge of the mattress is reinforced so you can sleep comfortably up to the edge of the mattress as well as comfortably sit on the edge of the bed. For those that are sensitive to chemicals, a latex mattress can be a good option, but be ready for a … Yes. There’s the luxury firm option and the plush option. You can clearly see the foam perimeter. Simmons is vague about the exact layers within the mattress, but all the foams are CertiPUR-US certified, which means the bed is safe to sleep on. Black (top of the line, $1,799 to $4,799), Hybrid (mid to upper range, $999 to $2,299), Silver (two mid-range series, the BRS900; $699 to $899 and the BRS900-C; $999 to $1,099). You definitely get your bang for your buck with the mattress. Undoubtedly in the premium-level luxury mattresses, Beautyrest Black Calista consists of CeriPUR-US certified foam layers, which means the mattress contains no toxicity. If you’re looking for a thick, durable, luxury mattress, it’s hard to do any better than the Simmons Beautyrest Black mattress. Side sleepers should look into the plush version and back/stomach sleepers should consider the luxury firm option. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. To be honest, the Silver is a good bed, and we’re not convinced the other models are worth more money. The quick verdict is that the foam works and the edge support is great. Spent a lot of time looking for a new mattress. Because the Beautyrest Black Natasha has a dense foam perimeter, it does a wonderful job of preventing you from rolling off the side of the bed. All of this is relative, so keep that in mind. Then there’s a layer of AirCool Foam for airflow, followed by a layer of AirFeel Foam for pressure relief, both of which are proprietary materials. Gel is a high quality, premium material and they've added to these beds too. Coupons and discount codes vary from seller to seller. Out of 2579 Reviews. If you’re a couple sharing a smaller bed and one of you likes to hog the center, have no fear. They also have the support of a pocketed coil system. It also conforms to your body's curves. On top of the coils is a 1/2″ thick layer of latex, which is a responsive foam. In total, the Beautyrest Black Natasha is 16” thick. People that want a cheap bed-in-a-box mattress, If you don’t want an innerspring mattress. We recommend using a fitted mattress protector. It has the cooling feature so you don’t get hot in the middle of the night. If you’re mostly a side sleeper, but you sometimes rotate around, the plush model should be ideal. There are different combinations of foams on these models designed to achieve different feels. Instead, those people should look into the luxury firm version, which is intended for back, stomach and combination sleepers. You can check US-Mattress to see current specials, or you can peruse our Mattress Deals page to see what deals are available. This bed should be fine for combo sleepers because there isn’t any stuck-in-the-mud feeling. You’ll find our images and videos on every review, which is part of what makes the Slumber Yard the most trusted source of mattress and sleep accessory reviews on the internet. The Beautyrest BR800 collection is a 5-bed collection. Beautyrest Silver Mattress Review. Sleepers sink into the memory foam but still feel support from the coils. You can, however, rotate it every once in a while if you feel inclined to do so. There are some features that are offered on some of their more expensive mattresses. Find a Beautyrest seller in your city by using the store locator. Individual spring coils give you exact targeted support under different parts of your body. They're a decent bed for the price. The bed is efficient at deadening movement. In other words, there are multiple layers of other types of foam on top of the MicroDiamond Memory Foam, rendering any active-cooling elements almost useless. In the case of the Calista mattress, it holds its shape nicely and has was what we would consider excellent edge support, at least on the extra firm model. For easier navigation, use the table of contents and links above to jump directly to a section. These include features like edge support, pocketed coil innersprings, and gel memory foam. No. The Natasha mattress starts with proprietary pocketed coils that are specially designed to be more resilient and supportive. The difference between the three models of the new Beautyrest Black mattress are as follows: Firmness rating — Honestly, it feels like a foam hybrid mattress. If you sleep strictly on your back or stomach, you typically need a firmer mattress to keep proper spinal alignment. It technically has memory foam but doesn’t feel like memory foam. Supposedly, it utilizes a special cooling textile, but we’ve found the bed to be more temperature neutral, not especially cool. Edge support refers to how well the mattress keeps you on the mattress. Does it compress and leave you with a roll-off sensation? Browse our mattress comparisons. As previously mentioned, the Beautyrest Black line is the premium offering from Simmons, and therefore prices are naturally higher than with most bed-in-a-box mattresses. Simmons Beautyrest is a mattress manufacturing leader with roots dating back to 1925. Most Simmons Beautyrest mattresses are … These are good because they provide support with each coil independently for targeted, pin-point support. Start with our mattress finder quiz. 2.) Edge support is particularly important for couples sleeping on a smaller mattress, like a queen or full, where you need to be able to utilize the entire surface of the mattress.