On Brian’s free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and listening to music. 833.4BUGLAW 818.907.5333 Visit us Today! The process of sorting out liability and negligence is best left to bed bug lawyers who are well-versed in personal injury law. Attorney Bio – Brian Virag began working with bed bugs in 2011, when a family came to his office complaining they had been attacked by Bed Bugs in their home. Elan Law has helped many victims throughout the Tri State area and the entire nation to achieving prompt and fair compensation. Disclaimer: Communication between you and bedbuglawyer.org is not protected by the attorney-client privilege or as work product. He typically focuses on representing clients within personal injury and plaintiff issues in Texas. This company really has stood on three pillars – Experience (they have been around for close to a decade), A Focus on people (they represent “people” rather than clients). This firm prides itself on their responsiveness and dedication to the individual. My Bed Bug Lawyer is a firm that prides itself on giving those a voice who don’t have one. Bed Bug Law is a national law firm that represents only individuals, instead of insurance companies, businesses, or property owners/landlords. As nationwide bed bug attorneys we have consulted thousands of bed bug victims throughout the USA about bed bug attacks that have resulted in physical injuries, psychological problems, lost wages, medical bills, damage to personal property, remediation expenses and extermination bills. 447.030 Public Accommodations – Extermination of Vermin, requiring, “Any room in any hotel which is infested with vermin or bedbugs or similar things be thoroughly fumigated, disinfected and renovated until such vermin or bedbugs or other similar things are entirely exterminated.”. Non-monetary damages include embarrassment, impact on your relationships, emotional and mental health suffering and fear of getting bed bugs again. Additionally, the National Post points out that bed bug bites and infestations potentially lead to mental health issues such as anxiety disorders and depression. Oxford Academic reported that researchers describe 45 pathogens potentially transmitted by bedbugs. 16400 Ventura Blvd., Suite 301 Encino, CA 91436 How are bed bugs eradicated? The majority of Grant’s practice is related to personal injury, when you’re the result of another party’s negligence. Let the Las Vegas bed bug lawyer know relevant details when discussing your bed bug case representation. When bed bugs start biting, we start fighting!™ Call Us Today! Bed Bug infestation cases are challenging. My Bed Bug Lawyer Google My Business Profile. Reputation (They have received some of the largest verdicts in U.S. history). Attorney Bio – Daniel Whitney is a managing partner of Whitney LLP, and most of his background is in product liability, clinical laboratory malpractice, medical device, pharmaceutical litigation, and toxic torts. Individuals receiving delivery of bedding or furniture delivered by a retail store or furniture rental company sometimes realize too late that the furniture or bedding was infested with bed bugs. The Las Vegas bed bug attorney has the expertise to represent you on a pre-litigation basis in your bed bug case against any Las Vegas hotel failing to protect you from bed bugs. Daniel Rice attended the University of Houston Law Center and graduated in 2000, for which he passed the bar exam and was admitted to legal practice. The San Antonio bed bug attorneys of Whitney, LLP have many years of experience handling personal injury claims against hotels, landlords, and other parties responsible for bed bug infestations. Recoverable monetary damages from bed bug infestations include actual costs such as lost wages, professional extermination, replacing furniture and carpeting and medical expenses, including treatments and prescription costs. The National Conference Of State Legislatures reveals Nevada Statute N.R.S. Bed bug … His primary practice is in catastrophic personal injury, he works in other areas such as bed bugs, admiralty law, construction law, employment law, general civil litigation, contract law, and commercial law. Thereafter he has come to win numerous verdicts including one of the largest in US history against Park La Brea apartments for more than $3.5 million dollars. Some attorneys are not licensed to practice in certain jurisdictions. To get in contact with a lawyer from Elan Law click here. Daniel “Tad” Rice and The Rice Firm has a focus on complex personal injury cases and civil matters all around the nation. Their core competency is dealing with personal injury claims, however they also deal with insurance claims and consumer violations. Negligence on the part of Las Vegas hotel owners, landlords and retail store owners who fail to prevent and get rid of bed bugs means there is an increased risk that you may suffer damages related to bed bug infestations. The Las Vegas bed bug attorney assists clients with potentially recovering both monetary and non-monetary damages. To get in touch with a lawyer from bedbuglaw.com click here. Terms apply. Though they are a smaller firm, these three attorneys boast pride in what they do, claiming legal services are not a mere commodity, but the fulfillment of their fiduciary duty to protect their clients. Willfully misleading a buyer by failing to disclose a bed bug infestation can nullify the sale of the home or open the seller up to liability for damages caused by the presence of bed bugs. One of the earliest players in the bed bug injury space, Brian paved the way to documenting the bed bug litigation process and has won some major cases in recent years.