See introduction... Dream Meanings of Versatile, To see an unknown symbol in your dream indicates your confusion or ignorance in a situation. Similarly, in the dream world, curtains symbolize the things we are hiding from the outside world. Gloves and shoes are other common images of this type. Jung tells us that dreams speak in the language of symbols and these symbols can have more than one meaning. Recognize your dream cycles, Increase your ability to remember your dreams, Keep and use a dream diary, Notice your waking dreams, Uncover hidden messages in your dreams, Focus your dreams to solve problems or make decisions, Form a dream support group. Extraordinary color illustrations conjure up the mystical images of your dreams. Confusion— “cant see through it.” On the other hand, it might be necessary for you to “draw the curtain” for protection.... Little Giant Encyclopedia. To see a white curtain in your dream signifies that if you are single, you will meet with the person whom you will get married with. Dreams Interpreted, the most compelling and thorough study of all the symbols that appear in our dreams. Opened a curtain. Candles and chalices are common religious symbols. Horses may also trot into your dream to indicate the need to stand your ground in a power struggle. • This is something to look forward to and a blessing of promise. A curtain speaks of things that are hidden. Dreams of adopting or looking after a child, person or animal are often strongly associated with the idea of taking care of someone and are associated with love. ... New American Dream Dictionary, And Allah knows best.... Islamic Dream Interpretation, If you’re hanging new curtains, you’ll see an increase in your social life. The former refers to the dreamer’s ego life, where those things that have been repressed or rejected from consciousness reside. Opened curtains mean opportunity for growth, seeing beyond present situation. Bear in mind, however, that dreams are not always so literal; dreams of love are more difficult to understand than overtly sexual dreams, since almost any symbol can be associated with this area of your life. • Positive: Often the Lord hides things from us until we are ready to see them. Dream Bible - Dream Interpretation of Curtains. Although there is often confusion and difficulty surrounding symbols, not helped by the fact that many sources of information come from ancient texts, distant cultures and far-off periods of history, kernels of truth often reside in what might be called a clichéd reading of any particular symbol; this is because we all share common needs and therefore share common experiences giving rise to common dream symbols. Bed wetting: Anxieties over lack of control in your life. For instance, a burning house might contain references both to yourself (the house) and to your passion, anger, desire or bodily fever (the fire). Avalanche: A destructive force in your life. Winter: Time in your life which is unfruitful. If crucifixion figures in your dream, this may be a reflection of some area of your life in which you feel you are being crucified or making a huge sacrifice. A face can represent love or brutality. Sick: Bad feelings you need to get rid of. Often in the spirit as I prayed I saw a curtain in front of a door where the Lord said that He would soon reveal something He has been preparing for me. These are a visual presentation of our own internal or psychological structure. Imagination can often play tricks on us, and we experience as real some kind of reaction we would not normally allow ourselves. To dream of shutting the curtains represents you attempt to conceal something or … Pus: Something which is festering and has gone bad in your life. Dreams of curtains are about revealing or concealing. Wound: Hurt feelings or emotions. It consists of ‘the whole spiritual heritage’ of mankind’s evolution born anew in the brain structure of every individual. Cell phones can be interpreted as phallic dream symbols as they often take the place of a loved one and can evoke sexual yearning or stand for the act of masturbation. Paralysis is one such reaction. Dreams related to waking-life experiences are associated with REM theta activity, which suggests that emotional memory processing takes place in REM sleep.... Dreampedia. Mystic Dream Book, If you are drawing the curtains, then you are declaring a project or relationship complete. Often when people have faced difficult things in life, they hide their heart and feelings from others to protect themselves. War: Conflict. Soiled or torn curtains seen in a dream means disgraceful quarrels and reproaches. Teeth falling out, a house being burnt, a winter storm, a foreign country, your sister, a child, a stranger, a painting, a werewolf, a church and a ballet are some of the limitless number of images or symbols you can find in dreams. The Element Encyclopedia. Maggots: Impurities that can eat away at you; fears of death and illness. You are concealing a personal matter or an aspect of yourself. Colored curtains indicate your standard of living will continue to be modest for a while longer.... Tryskelion Dream Interpretation. If you dream of curtains, this is a sure sign that you need to have a good rest. Guns are another image of aggressive male sexuality with the added orgasmic symbolism of firing a bullet. Most dream symbols are not to be taken literally, but rather metaphorically. One does not want other people to know about one’s life. This is a side of ‘history’ seldom given attention, yet very important. Cars can represent the penis—especially if the car has a powerful, thrusting motor. To dream of curtains, foretells that unwelcome visitors will cause you worry and unhappiness. Examining your dreams through a biblical lens can help you understand what God might be saying to you, and gain comfort and wisdom through His message. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams, EMBRACING JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY OR FIRE _ WORSHIPS, The act of jumping can be somewhat ambiguous in a dream. Dreams mainly occur in the rapid-eye movement (REM) stage of sleep—when brain activity is high and resembles that of being awake. This dictionary of Christian Dreams, China interpretation of dreams, India interpretation of dreams contains over 24700 indexed entries and this dictionary of islamic Dreams contains over 5300 indexed entries. Seeing oneself embracing Judasim, Christianity or the religion of the Fire-Worshippers indicates that despite their love and affection for him, he will still oppose and refute them.... Islamic Dream Interpretation. Mantis: Something devious within your life. Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation. Crystal clear, clean, adulterated, calm mostly provides strong insights about the state of your feelings. The Element Encyclopedia. The Way of Dreams and Visions. Horses, especially stallions, may be a symbol of sexuality and mounting a horse represents intercourse. Other symbols associated with sexual intercourse according to Freud include hammering and chopping, sliding down a banister or slide, a train entering a tunnel, a lighted candle and riding a bicycle or horse. A rose with thorns in a man’s dream suggests an ambivalent attitude towards female sexuality. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences. The rifts caused by this discord need to be mended. 27:51, Heb. The truth is that nobody, but nobody, really knows why we dream, where dreams originate, exactly what they mean, or much else about this most complex of human characteristics. If the curtains are open in your dream, you will outwit someone who is working against you. To dream of shutting the curtains represents you attempt to conceal something or keep a secret. Water gushing from a tap, champagne spraying white foam or cascading waterfalls are also orgasmic symbols. On a psychological level, jumping up and down in a dream may indicate being caught up in a situation without having the power to move either forwards or backwards.