The ideal birdhouse design that will also make an enticing whimsical garden décor! In this post, we have curated a list of free birdhouse plans that you can use to build your bird house project. Don’t forget to add custom perches and also to paint it in bird-friendly color! This is here another great hack for a beautiful looking birdhouse! Jun 3, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Danielle. DIY Birdhouse With A Pretty Penny Roof. This birdhouse comes with open front and backside and is having bowls placed inside filled with delicious bird foods! Intending to duplicate this birdhouse? Want to duplicate this special nesting shelf birdhouse? Grab the full free guide and easy tutorial from here howtospecialist, Another exceptional design of birdhouse that comes dignified due to wood log exterior walls! There are different DIY birdhouse designs available in the market that will serve to different bird species and you can buy your favorite one! Grab the full free guide and visual instructions from here birdsandblooms, Go manually with wood to construct custom models of birdhouses! Complete project tutorial and visual instructions here darice, Find the step by step Instruction Here: jampaper, Find the step by step Instruction Here: happinessishomemade, Find the step by step Instruction Here: practicallyfunctional, Find the step by step Instruction Here: creeklinehouse, Find the step by step Instruction Here: skiptomylou, Find the step by step Instruction Here: dreamalittlebigger, Find the step by step Instruction Here: penniesintopearls, Find the step by step Instruction Here: thebirdersreport. To do so, just get a great help from a nut and eye-bolt and then knot the rope to eye-bolt! Mod Podge Birdhouses. If you need to look at some samples then just browse this grand list of DIY Birdhouse Ideas that are cute and easy to make and will definitely go outstanding in your garden! Here the old sign tin plate has been installed as roof and to make the roof sit beautifully in chevron style, first sharp chevron cuts have, been given to top of the birch log! Here is great birdhouse makeover suggestion using the fun chalk colors! Just pick a well gritted wood log and glue it to exterior walls of the birdhouse! craftychica. So if you’d like a small, traditional style birdhouse then you will probably love this one. You can go with wild with paint, washi tape and with custom embellishments to decorate your birdhouses beautifully! Shape up a wooden box and then install the chevron roof that can be raised from the edges to get a chevron holding! This is here another super cost-efficient birdhouse design that is easy to make too! Grab the full free guides and easy to follow instructions from here diygardenplans, Go smartly handmade with wooden scrap lying in your home and make outstanding looking birdhouses in just no time! Here the idea is smart and creative, all you need is to roll out the clay so you will get strips of clay that can simply be put around the blown up balloons! Make the house shaped wooden birdhouses that will come with the chevron top and also make mini box style wooden birdhouses that will come with flat tops an also build the log cabin style wooden birdhouses that will rock your garden space by behaving as a brilliant décor too! You will definitely fall in love with these sample birdhouses that are made of recycled milk cartons that has been made colorful using tissue squares in multiple colors! Cut custom wood lengths to shape up a box and then plan the roof which may be chevron or tilted, choices are all yours! Do you love to have cute decor right outside your patio? Here accent trimming has also been done with corrugated roofing wood! Build this birdhouse 7. Here a whole bungalow has been copied in this mini birdhouse creation that comes with a chevron roof with a porch and also with a fireplace chimney at one side! License Plate Birdhouse. The idea is to build a normal birdhouse that may come in a square shape and next you can adorn it up more using custom wood moldings that may also come raised a little around the roof to hold the pot a bit more tightly and beautifully! Both comes with tilted roofs and sits on a flat wooden base! Learn more by taking a creative look at this sample DIY birdhouse that is having a box like shape and comes with a sharp tilted roof that will not allow the retaining of water! 7. You can add a custom roof that can be decorated with dollhouse shingles! Furthermore, this birdhouse is also like to build a wooden box and comes with added nails in front side that serves as durable perches! Willing to duplicate this precious looking birdhouse design! By the time Spring comes, the gourd will be ready to be cleaned and emptied, since all of its contents should be dried out. Mod Podge Birdhouses. So, if you need to get a cool looking birdhouse then you must go a little handmade with the old wood from home! This is here the birdhouse that looks like an artistic teapot due to tea pot wooden front! Even the kids can build great looking birdhouses at home without getting a bit puzzled! DIY Birdhouse With A Pretty Penny Roof. Complete project instructions and visual guides are here instructables, If you like the colonial style houses then you will also like this little birdhouse design that is inspired of a colonial house scheme! Here the custom wooden houses has been made with wood and comes in different fabulous shapes! The constructions is pretty simple, just build the normal wooden box in custom dimension for a birdhouse which can then be added with a custom front! 34 DIY Bird Houses 1. Decorating your handmade or market bought birdhouses can be a great fun and even the kids can do that beautifully! ohohblog. Check out here this sample birdhouse that would be ready in just few easy steps! 5. We’re protected and monitored by DMCA, Don’t copy any content without our permission and other respected owners. So, just grab some great DIY birdhouse Ideas that will help you to to make a Birdhouse in your garden! Well, I have some amazing birdhouses that not only are cute, but they give your backyard more of a natural vibe. Grab the full free guides and easy instructions from here birdsandblooms, Sorting out some very natural looking birdhouses? One more super budget-friendly and colorful birdhouse idea! Here the featured part of this birdhouse is the night lights that create a very special look of these birdhouses at night! Next you can install two popsicles vertically upward as roof pillars and can make the chevron roof sit on them beautifully! Look at this enchanting birdhouse design that is looking bewitching to eyes due to brilliant paint color combo, the white, red and black! Another great and fab looking birdhouse design, built to inspire and rock! It goes from penny birdhouses to ukulele birdhouses, and they are all one of a kind so you will not see them anywhere else than your home. This creates a very natural looking birdhouse that all birds will also like! 6. Furthermore, go with perfect hardware while assembling it and make sure to give it a tight fit on the garden pole! A very interesting looking sample is here that is just looking mind-blowing! Here this birdhouse has been created for the bluebirds and it will go amazing on any garden pole! Grab the full free guides and visual instructions from here lowes, If you are all willing to beautify your garden space with some very modern looking birdhouses then here are the designs you can checkout and can clone as well! Another flawless and very good looking design of birdhouse! 8. Another interesting birdhouse idea that will cost your nothing! So, if you are willing to attract your favorite birds in your green spaces or to any patio then you should definitely plan something that the birds are searching! Complete project details and tutorial here instructables, You will to praise the creativity here that is all responsible for this beautiful birdhouse construction! Here the basic components of this birdhouse are a coffee can and wood! Use the drill with a round drill bit to make a precious round hole in the coconut and next it has been hanged up using hemp twine! Another great looking birdhouse design that comes with chevron roof! Get inspired of this whimsical sample that is truly eye-catching and is looking much visually attractive! Paint it or give a durable weather protection using stain and poly! You can also recycle some amazing items to make fetching DIY birdhouses at no-cost! 34 DIY Bird Houses 1. Complete free tutorial and visual guides are here crafts, Grab a ground make it perfectly dried and next drill a big holes in the bigger part of it, this would be the opening for the birds! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Find thousands of easy-to-follow crafts on DIYCraftsy. A few months ago I thought my backyard looked kind of dull so I made a colorful birdhouse with one of these tutorials. There is also a perch under each hole where the birds can sit and enjoy the weather and can also get ready for flight!