The Rollease R24-Kit is a custom clutch shade Your email address will not be published. The RadioRA 2 system is responsible for the automation of the home’s lights, shades, and thermostats, as they respond to the commands issued via Lutron keypads, Pico remotes, and the RA 2’s built-in astronomical timeclock. Next, cut the 1-1/4" EMT pipe, so that it is the same length as the blind material. For DIYers shopping for the perfect blinds or shades, or for the best deal, there’s a good chance of ending up at a store that sells Somfy motors. I have wanted to try the maestro shield roller. Alexa. Don't worry if there is still a little glue residue left on the material like in the picture below. “At first, only a few lights were tied to the system, but once the homeowner saw the power of the RadioRA 2 system, the project evolved to include the automation and voice control of nearly every light fixture, including 30 color-changing Hue light bulbs,” Nale says. These instructions can be found on Rollertrols site here. Make sure you stop short from the blind as shown in the pictures below. I know for sure I want cordless like these brilliant shades you have made. Crestron systems were ready to handle Alexa, so the Crestron CP3 was integrated for the sole purpose of picking up voice commands and translating them into digital signals that the RadioRA 2 processor could understand and carry out. This first and only trackless motorized drapery rod on the market removes the external motors and wires and places a battery-operated motor inside the hardware itself. The sequence is as follows: We sincerely hope you enjoy using these advanced motors; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact usat any time! The rods come in six popular finishes with finials in six designer styles. You can even use voice control such as the Alexa system, with the amazing Node-RED visual design program for IoT. The Rollease R24 clutch is designed for use with shades that are very large and heavy. You should run them to an area where you will be able to conceal the wiring and that has power available. Make sure it is stopped, with no power applied when you reach the desired LOWER limit. Pricing starts at $400 with a single-shade remote, and multiple shades or groups of shades can be controlled together with a multi-channel remote. Experience the power of seamless integration of systems, where each device is able to respond promptly and appropriately to a homeowner's every wish. To provide both the practical and posh attributes the homeowner requested, Gramophone outfitted the ultra-modern four-level house with a Lutron RadioRA 2 system. I’ve first seen it at my friend’s office window it was all white and it accented his black office theme. 'https://' : 'http://'; Repeat the above steps if you need to reset the travel limits. At this point, the travel limits for the motor have been set and the motor is now back in normal running mode and you should be able to test the full excursion. All you need are some basic tools and materials, and a little bit of patience. [adinserter name="Smart Home"]. The result of Lutron, Crestron, and Savant, and newcomer Alexa working together may have been a challenging engineering endeavor for Gramophone, but the end result reveals the true power of seamless integration of systems, where each and every smart device is able to respond promptly and appropriately to a homeowner’s every wish—whether speaks the request, taps a button on keypad or swipes his finger across and iPhone. With tons of styles and colors to choose from, offers one of the widest variety of solar shades available to fit your lighting and climate control needs. Automation for an Early Adopter Initiated from his smartphone, a “Home” command, for example, sets the lights in the garage to a blue color and the kitchen fixtures emits a teal green. Phew...  That was a lot. Motorized Shades, Are they a must have? At this point, the motor has entered into its limit programming mode. Lutron Serena Let it run until you are close to the desired UP position, then STOP it (do not let it go past the desired UPPER limit). QMotion Drapery Rods You'll see the motor move in very short steps that are a small fraction of a full rotation. If you have multiple blinds, get a terminal block like this to connect all of the motors to the controller. Mission accomplished: The Philips Hue light bulbs bathe any room in any color at any time, and all the homeowner has to do is say “Party” or some other key word to make it happen. Use the 12 volt power jacks to connect the thermostat wire to the blind motor wire. regularly offers discounts up to 20 percent, as well, so be sure to research any sales before purchasing. I was able to get the connectors out of the way by tucking them up into a channel at the top of the window. ​ A Trifecta of Top-Notch Technology With prices starting at $450, including a five-shade remote, a room can be outfitted affordably and stylishly. At this point you have stopped the motor, ready to enter JOG mode. Home interiors are designed keeping in mind not only the economics of space but also the aesthetics. Take the brackets off and using small wood screws, mount them to the window using your pencil marks as guides. These are beautiful paraphernalia for the windows. “We really pushed the limits of the RadioRA 2 system; its device limit is 200 and we integrated 167, but it’s handling the load with ease.” [/caption] If you have any questions, please feel free to leave it in the comments and I will do my best to answers them. DIY Motorized Roller Shades. MaestroShield Roller DIY Kits While power is applied (the motor may not be running, if it has reached a travel limit), insert a screwdriver in the programming hole described in step 1 and hold the setting button down within six seconds of the power application start time. RollerTrol Now mount the blind by putting the motor side in first and then dropping the end cap down into the slot on the end cap bracket. It's an out-of-the-box installation kit that turns your existing pull cord blinds into motorized blinds that can be controlled from your phone. ​Learn how to install your own LED Soffit Lighting >>>. You will need to clean all of the glue off from the blind material that you can. Then, draw a straight line across the pipe. Enjoys: time with his family, the outdoors, electronics, DIY, Mustangs, Raptors and vacationing at Walt Disney World. The blinds come rolled up on a cardboard tube. Your email address will not be published. s.type='text/javascript'; When you stopped it, you removed power from the motor, but it has an internal memory that 'remembers' that it is in settings mode. It's difficult to get it all into one blog post. To add voice to the list of control capabilities required Gramophone’s engineering expertise and the help of a Crestron home automation system. The motor should slide into the end of the 1-1/4" EMT. “It also met his demand of being able to control his house in ‘every way possible.’” Lutron keypads and Pico remotes, Savant handheld remotes, and app-enabled iPads and iPhones, and Crestron-enabled voice control … “We put in 10 pounds of technology into a 5 pound sack for this project,” Nale adds. I ran 18/2 thermostat wire from my home theaters wiring closet to each window. Serena is also the first motorized shading system to offer an app for the Apple Watch. Use the 1 channel wall controller, and the power supply to set the limits on each motor before permanently wiring anything. The Serena family of products from Lutron is one of the most popular window shading solutions because it’s quiet, simple to install and use, and can be integrated with Lutron Caséta light dimmers, and Honeywell and Nest thermostats. Use the instructions for measuring and ordering your blackout blinds. Required fields are marked *, © 2020 Electronic House • A Division of EH Publishing, Inc. d.b.a EH Media • 111 Speen Street, Ste 200, Framingham, MA 01701 USA. DIY'ers best resource for Motorized or Manual Outdoor Solar Shades, Outdoor Zip Shades, Outdoor Cable Guide Shades. Carefully slide it in as shown in the images below. Installing your own motorized blinds will save you a lot of money.