I'm new at this but I get the impression the zones tell you about the coldest it gets in winter, yet I believe Missouri is more south so the sun could be more intense so wondering if that might be how you get away with 2 hours of sun. Oldbobbi, I hate to disagree with you...really! Does any other flower so encapsulate the glory of an English garden in June? Delphinium elatum hybrids are by far the most common and easiest to grow. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. If you’d like to grow delphiniums in a container, ‘Mini Stars’ is an excellent option. Pacific Hybrids. Considering you are zone 6, I believe they'd do fine in a part sun location for you. But I think I'll treat this as an experiment. I struggle to find something that I like that will grow in a part of my garden that gets dappled shade much of the day. I stake some. That's right, you just have to try and know your yard. ; Delphinium is a genus consisting of over 300 species—some are annuals, others are biennials or perennials. Try these tough shrubs that add beauty while shrugging off the heat, Masses of purple blossoms and finely textured foliage cover the ground of arid gardens from spring to fall, Plant early meadow-rue in eastern U.S. woodland gardens for its tolerance of dry sites and shade, This shade-tolerant shrub, also known as mountain laurel or calico shrub, thrives in East Coast woodland gardens, Plant zigzag goldenrod in eastern U.S. gardens for its bright yellow flowers and tolerance of a broad range of conditions, A garden designed to be viewed from above gets new drought-tolerant, wildlife-friendly plantings, Delphiniums in dappled shade blooming in October, Versatile Breeze Mat Rush Sails Into Drought-Tolerant Yards, 10 Cold- and Heat-Tolerant Perennials and Shrubs for the Arid West, 10 Plants for Colorful Fall Blooms in the Drought-Tolerant Garden, 10 Drought-Tolerant Shrubs That Thrive in Full Sun and Reflected Heat, Glandularia Pulchella Trails Color Through the Drought-Tolerant Garden, Great Design Plant: Thalictrum Dioicum Thrives in Dry Shade, Kalmia Latifolia’s Origami-Like Flowers Shine in the Shade, Great Design Plant: Solidago Flexicaulis Colors the Fall Shade Garden, Succulents Beautify a San Francisco Shade Garden. The flowers, as buds or after opening, have a habit of drying up. I'm afraid that even after *six years* my shed is still a work in progress. You can probably guess just from their size that delphiniums need lots of fertilizer, and they do--another secret of success. I also plant everything closely together to prevent weed growth and shade the roots, which keeps more moisture in. Sometimes it doesn't upload them at all. I would believe that spot gets quite a bit more than 2 hours sun (I hope.) The plants will be happier and you will too. Since you already have them planted you can wait and see how they do. It would be nice to know what type of delphinium it is but I suspect the picture quality may not be good enough even if someone can access the link. Thanks again! If you are in a coastal region, I would recommend using a Ryegrass over Fescue (PCS sells an AquaWise blend of this as well). I had to stake one, not because of sun, but a storm. I use wire supports to gently buttress the whole plant, but occasionally a tall flower spike will need its own cane. Delphs have such dazzling blues and purples, no foxgloves like that. Delphiniums can be annuals and biennials, but the best are herbaceous perennials. The Birch tree they were shaded by fell which I'm hoping will give them enough sun if they survive winter. I hope to be able to post a further update next summer. Enjoy them all. How to decide how much and what to spend remodeling money on. This beautiful, creamy white rose is one of my favourite climbers. but the annual cost vs. value survey from Remodeling Magazine says that curb appeal sells houses and has the best return on investment. Again I'm not really expecting it to look like prize delphiniums but some tallish flowers in summer would be nice. They still bent over and reached for the sun. Cut back to the base with a bit of root attached and pot them on. They seemed quite a bargain at $2 each. The Daily Mail wildlife census: Take part in the biggest... or debate this issue live on our message boards.