Olive oil Other ingredients to make pizza with frozen pizza crust. If it works on real pizza, it'll work on frozen pizza. If adding your own extra cheese to a frozen pizza, it's best to add it about half way through the cooking time. Once you start seeing the frozen cheese start to melt, you're good to go. Pour Some Sauce: You can always use a sauce as a remedy to tasteless food. Use this guide for frozen crust from Whole Foods or any other grocery store. Then, consider “shredding” the cheese in as large pieces as possible. In this post, I use Trader Joe’s pizza crust. The larger the piece, the better the stretch. This first-ever broccoli-crust frozen pizza uses certified gluten-free ingredients and hormone-free cheese. Stuff some more mozzarella, or add some Italian cheese slices. If your frozen pizza has a weirdly sweet taste, you can take it up a notch by adding some salty cheese like parmesan cheese or blue cheese to cut down the saltiness. First of all, make sure the cheese is NOT already shredded. See tips on choosing the best pizza crust to buy for pizza night. To get you started, how about: Cheese. Don't worry, there's a whole wealth of options out there. The particular brand is Monteli frozen pizza crust and it comes in packs of two. In fact, if you want to go all “pro”, then you might think of getting a deli meat slicer with which you can cut the cheese – literally!