Here's the scoop on which is better. Authentic paella uses bomba rice, but many people in the U.S. substitute arborio, which is easier to find. Arboria is the worst rice to use in my experience - it takes much longer to cook and the starch content is too high. I have, in the past, used them interchangeably in both risottos and paellas. I am or rather planned to make a chicken/chorizo paella dish for a dinner party tomorrow night. (7 Posts) Add message | Report. I can't buy Spanish rice where I live but any normal short grain should be OK. Wikipedia handily summarises the difference between carnaroli and arborio here, but I can't find a description of the differences between these and a paella rice (aside from country of origin). No. Can't get paella rice - what can be used as a substitute? Paella is one of those dishes that tastes best when it is made with authenticity. Can You Use Any Rice for Paella? The short, round grains are perfect for Paella and absorb liquid really well, which makes it the ideal rice for Paella. I would say no that jasmine rice wouldn't make a huge difference. flyingcloud Wed 26-Aug-09 18:38:09. I would say you'll enjoy your paella with jasmine rice. I have also used Basmati and produced good, if less authentic, results. It is now widely eaten in all provinces of Spain, as well as every continent of the world. The truth is you can use any rice you want, but that will take away from the authenticity of the dish. Seriously. We love using medium grain or jasmine rice. What Kind Of Rice Do You Use To Make Paella? Do not use Arborio rice. Paella is a rice dish, and it requires a special type of rice to turn out correctly, with firm, separate grains of rice supporting the major players in the dish. If it were, lets say a yellow rice then maybe a little, but regardless, rice complements any type of food that has a saucy consistency. Two panicky posts in quick succession. Like so many other popular recipes, Valencian paella was initially a peasant dish. They're quite different though. Adding Bomba Rice to Paella. You can also use Spanish rice if you can find it. Paella is a world-famous dish which originated in the region of Valencia, in eastern Spain.