It is an invasive vine that can grow up to 20 metres tall. Tolerant of … The Latin name of the genus Clematis derives from the Greek word of the clay (branch, vitica). Old man’s beard is a pest plant that has been a problem in NZ for many years. Stems layer profusely, and it produces many long-lived seeds if exposed to frost. The name of the vitalba type is white. Thank you … Etymology:. Clematis aristata growing in Werribee Gorge … In foreign languages, the titles include old man’s beard, … The herbicide can be applied with a paintbrush or a squeeze bottle.You will have to watch for seedlings and regrowth because old man's beard will likely still grow after one treatment. You may have heard old man’s beard likes cool roots, good sun and moist soil, but this depends on where you source your plants and seeds. Old Man's Beard grows rapidly, forming dense, heavy, masses that dominate garden canopy of any height. Why is old man’s beard a problem for NZ? Old man’s beard grows very quickly compared to native plants and can … I have a letter from a relative on my mothers mothers side, where thes man said that they had come to the end of the old mans beard. I have tried to understand what this man from the 1800’s was referring to….