You will need the stasis for the next fight. You should now be able to get back to the entrance to the zero-G area. There are no enemies until you take the lift to the next floor (basically the plaza outside the Church of Unitology from earlier). You will find a container right behind the door, and your objective not much further. Defeat 30 Crawlers without detonating them (SP only). Kill the lurkers and bring one operational battery to the next room. The pod is below. Save the game and resupply, then enter the east grow chamber. Exit through the door to find a save station. Use the Seeker Rifle to kill a Stalker while zoomed in. Activate the terminal. Chapter 6. The detonator mines at the bottom of the stairs gives you a hint at the potency of the Detonator. Time for a boss fight... conducted in zero-G. In the fiery zero-G hallway (notice the fire adheres to the surface and not any floating fuel just like in a real space fire) Isaac needs to disable the three atmos (atmosphere generators). Credit for finding the glitch goes to Windell2009. You'll need to toss the exploding barrels at him as well as the balls he shoots at you – just throw them back into its maw. Once it's out, plug the battery back into the atmo to restore some air (all CEC suits have internal C02 scrubbers which provide breathable air if just one atmos is in operation). Before moving on be sure to check the Store, and the Save station. Chapter 6 - Free Power Nodes In one of the residences at the start of the chapter. When you'll activate the feeding system, the door will shut to fast for you to take a shot. Make use of the stasis station in the room and do your best to broker the battle while camping in a defensible corner. Playstation 3 owners PC players playing the game on BluRay Disc (BRD or BD) will simply move to the next chapter without this extra step. Another yellow tentacle will grab you – shoot the yellow part of the tentacle in order to brake loose. Use a cyst's explosive seed to kill it (or another cyst). Let's try and tackle the objectives in the order you're given. One of them are the yellow bumps on its limbs. Actually, the corner with the hacking panel is defensible if you upgraded your stasis module (shots or duration). Unlimited Power Nodes Trick. Max the DMG nodes (or have a lot of ammo) and that thing will puke a semiconductor quick. Get your Flamethrower ready. The save station and sparking-fuse mark the start of a dangerous encounter in the next room. For that, you need good aim with the Plasma Cutter or the ever handy Pulse Rifle. Max the DMG nodes (or have a lot of ammo) and that thing will puke a semiconductor quick. Your goal is to locate Nolan Stross now that Daina's option is no longer valid. Knowing its weaknesses is the main point here. Move out of the range of electricity and dispatch the necromorphs. Go through the door leading to west grow chamber. This way you will get to the last room. This way allows you to conserve a lot of ammo. Continuing on you will encounter Hammond and receive a new objective. Depending on your arsenal (Javelin or Line Gun; the Detonator is a good bonus for round 1 although the Ripper is also a good option if the DUR and DMG are upgraded) you may not be able start on the bonus task "The Nanny". Go down the lift to end the chapter. On leaving the room you will be attacked by a fat Necromorph that “gives birth” to the small crawling creatures you met before. Enter the large hall – there's an elevator to the right with an Audio log out front and a container nearby. Get back to the level one. Right outside the elevator you will find a feeding system terminal. Turn it off to remove the electric obstacle. Go past the Stasis Recharge Station and into the zero-G room. Take the elevator to level 2. Right behind the door to that area you'll find a container and a Save Station. Power Node - Right next to the save station. The next encounter is with some necro-kids and a Slasher at the gym. Chapter 14, after the Zero-G area. Right outside the tram you will find an Audio log. The pleasant mood created by the slowly growing plants will be disturbed by a large band of necromorphs. Check in at the save station, take the ammo and re-stock. The best thing to do is … Power Node - One of the lockers in the large container room with the stalkers. You will also face some smaller ones. The door to the Air Filtration room can be opened in the same manner. Games Movies TV Video. Check the next open room for additional credits. Schematic - Flamer is in the final classroom before the playground and exit lift. Get into the elevator. The Guardian necromorph (wall-mounted bastard) will continually spit out seedlings that fire shots; getting close to melee or hacking it is a bad idea, since the enemy has a sickle tentacle that decapitates Isaac instantly. Remember that while spamming the Action Button to take off the parasites, other enemies can attack and take off more HP. There are a few mobile necromorphs in the next section, but it's primarily stationary cysts you can easily spook and destroy. The next encounter starts when you hack the pieces in the play. Head to the door across the room, keeping to the left side of the chamber. Take the elevator up. Power Node - In the rocket by the merry-go-round at the playground. Take the lift to the next level. Upon opening the room with the save station there will be a power node to your left. Place the stasis cannister in the open where you can shoot (or kinesis and throw) it to freeze enemies. You'll need to get to the wall seen on the picture and use kinesis to open the door. Down the stalkers, hack the panel and head back to the shopping concourse (the same one from chapter 3). Plug the battery into the lift socket and get ready for a Puker in the elevator. You can deploy up to five active laser mines and wait for the stalkers to trip them. It all happens at the very end of Chapter 14. Trip the enemy laser-mines with thrown objects. You'll find a Text log. Now, make your way back to the secured storage room earlier and you'll find replenished power nodes. Time for another test of your reflex – destroy the fuse box, enter the room just as the flames die out, rinse, repeat. Fend of the attack from the Leaper near the Unitology Resource Center's entrance and approach the survivor. The "I'm Squishing Your Head" tactic won't work since these enemies blow up on impact. Dead Space - Environmental Hazard - Chapter 6A, Dead Space - Environmental Hazard - Chapter 6B, Dead Space - Environmental Hazard - Chapter 6C, Dead Space - Environmental Hazard - Chapter 6D. Before hacking the panel, you can make some preparations. If you're playing on low difficulty you'll only need a weapon with improved damage rate to deal with him effectively. Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion/Walkthrough/Version 1, Chapter 7: Into the Void/Walkthrough/Version 1, In a locker inside the large room with the Stalkers. Node-Lock - End of the cyst-filled hallway (by the workbench). On the other side of the door you will find a Audio log. Kill a Stalker with the Seeker Rifle while zoomed in. It starts facing the sculpture, so if you're smart, you will stand under the marquee and face the center. Around the corner there's a Necromorph attached to the wall opposite from the entrance; but since there are no explosive cans around you'll need to deal with it the traditional way. Disc Change - This part is for PC and Xbox 360 players only. Kill the brute fast enough and you won't need to deal with other necromorphs. After killing it and its offspring, search through the rooms to the right. Kill the necromorph and check the containers and move to the eastern grow chamber.