DIRECTIONS. So i grew up in Oregon and have grown accustomed to getting red dipping sauce and hot mustard with my fried shrimp when eating out at Chinese restaurants. Stir water and sugar together in a bowl to dissolve the sugar; add soy While i was in the Navy i moved around the country alot. Delicious Red Sweet and Sour with additional undertones served over Chinese Deep Fried Chicken Balls.This Sauce can also be used for Stir Fry or as a Dipping Sauce for a wide variety of items including Egg Rolls.. This makes a moderate batch that you can freeze to use at a later time. The rest of the country is clueless when asking for this yummy red slightly spicy dipping sauce. Mix Part 2 ingredients and add to boiling mixture. The same that is served at most Chinese Restaurants. Red Chinese Sweet & Sour Sauce. Remove from stove and add Part 3 ingredients. Cook until bubbly and thick. Over medium heat bring Part 1 ingredients to a boil.