Test your knowledge of these collectives in this quiz. A band of musicians. Collective nouns are thought only to exist for animals, but in fact there are many groups (of humans) that also have collective nouns, based often on their gender or their occupation. List of Collective Nouns for People. FunTrivia.com. Collective Nouns Quiz. The fast search works for all the columns so you can type birds or crows or troupe or whatever you want. A crew of sailors. Average score for this quiz is 5 / 10. These important collective nouns are commonly used under the category of people. Played 1,419 times. Attention: Collective nouns is known as a phrase or word that can express a group of stars or something entirely in the form of a single entity.A very common mistake that can stem from the use of collective nouns is the conflict between verb and subject. An army of soldiers. A bunch of crooks. A choir of singers. Collective Nouns List 957. In general, students may be confused in the plural or singular part of collective nouns as explained above. Here we have listed some of the more commonly used collective nouns for humans, animals, and objects. Below is a simple quiz to test your knowledge of collective nouns. Collective nouns are names for a collection or a number of people or things. Collective Nouns For People! As of … Sections Homepage Trivia Quizzes Free Trivia Questions Player Quiz Lists Ask FunTrivia - Get Answers to Questions Daily and Hourly Trivia Games Crossword Puzzles FunTrivia Discussions Forums Trivia Chat Trivia Questions Archive. Learn about the different collective nouns that are used for the different categories of people. Below is a 3 column fast-sorting table of 100's of collective nouns with a related noun and link to the main category. Check out this list of collective nouns for People. Read the collective noun list to enhance your vocabulary. Difficulty: Tough. Show All 900+ Please share CNL with your friends! It will track your correct answers, incorrect answers and score as a percentage. What is the collective noun for a group of humans - trivia question /questions answer / answers. A class of students.