Few studies have compared these two methods [19], but a previous study shows that students perceive that both alternatives are valuable preparation for practice [36]. 2016;12(6):209–14. In each group, four roles were described. The Framework for basic skills. BMC Nurs. A career in mental health has rewards for everyone. Geneva; 1993. 2017. https://www.etikkom.no/globalassets/documents/publikasjoner-som-pdf/generalguidelines.pdf. In its description of core competencies in the health profession, the US Institute of Medicine recommends increased focus on improving professional communication, cooperation and a patient-centred approach in order to strengthen patient safety [8, 9]. (Table 2); Which part of the programme provided the best learning outcomes? Blended learning makes it possible to design courses that are more flexible than those based on ordinary lectures in auditoriums. 2006;54(1):35–44. The content of the feedback was not planned in advance. (DOCX 21 kb). Med Educ. To ensure analytical distance, two of the authors (M.F and S.H) analysed the open-ended responses together [52]. Their communications must always be safe, effective, compassionate and respectful. MF designed the study and collected the data. The majority of teachers and the university administration are located at this campus. Customized role play: strategy for development of psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner competencies. The advantage of asynchronous video recorded lectures is that the student can play them at any time, take breaks and watch them on several occasions [27, 28]. Alternatively, it can be understood as a desire for new experiences. Br J Nurs. Bouter S, van Weel-Baumgarten E, Bolhuis S. Construction and validation of the Nijmegen evaluation of the simulated patient (NESP): assessing simulated patients’ ability to role-play and provide feedback to students. The study shows that the situations must be considered realistic, which may explain the high score on the importance of teachers being present in the Simulation Department. This implies that the active learning part of blended learning should be highly valued and increased. “It was this patient situation I played as a nurse, so I had to gain knowledge of the diagnosis and communication in advance” (Have to be prepared when playing the nurse). Our findings indicate that the method requires a cautious and carefully planned approach with sufficient time for each student to be seen and given feedback. The NSD provides protection for both data and human subjects. “We could have had even more role play with filming. Lewis D, O'Boyle-Duggan M, Chapman J, Dee P, Sellner K, Gorman S. ‘Putting words into action’ project: using role play in skills training. In this course, the students had the opportunity to distribute the roles within the group in advance. © 2020 BioMed Central Ltd unless otherwise stated. Evaluating one’s own courses could involve a risk of wanting the results to be better than they actually are. The way patients are greeted by nurses and other health professionals will affect how health care is provided [6, 7]. 2013;22(1/2):148–58. PubMed Google Scholar. Furnes, M., Kvaal, K.S. Communication training was performed as role play carried out in the Simulation Department. Effective interpersonal skills are central to a mental health nurse’s ability to form a sound therapeutic alliance and to the role of mental health nurses (Peplau, 1952). Communication education for pre-licensure nursing students: literature review 2002–2013.