Limiting is a type of compression- a limiter is a compressor. A limiter and compressor both work using the same principles. Bottom Line: If your priority is budgeting, we the Boss LMB-3 Bass Limiter/Enhancer is one of the best bass compressor pedals you can get for the price. More about Compressor Both have their place in audio but it is important to know which to use and where. Their primary function is keeping volume levels below a predetermined level in recording studios. If the signal hits this ceiling, it will be harshly compressed so that it does not pass above. TDR Limiter 6 GE is a fantastic limiter plugin which features 6 specialized modules, including a compact compressor and clipper module. However not all compressors are limiters. A limiter limits the sound level and the compressor increase the compactness of the sound. A bass compression pedal is useful for both live performances and within a recording studio environment. Well, you’ve read the differences between compressor and limiter. The primary deciding factor is that a very high ratio, typically 20:1 all the way to infinity:1, doesn't allow much of your signal past the threshold- which limits the signal to a certain peak level. The limiter serves as a ceiling which signal cannot pass. Bass compressor pedals are effects processors that reduce the dynamic range of the input signal, meaning that the natural dynamic inconsistencies that are apparent in any bassist’s playing are reduced. In fact, a limiter is a compressor but with a fast attack time and a high ratio (usually around 10:1 or more). This type of compression tames something that might not be perfect like a vocal or guitar. ... Next type of compression is organic instrument compression - this compression is for a piano, vocal, guitar, bass etc. Conclusion: Compressor VS Limiter. Limiter vs Compressor Limiters and compressor are dynamic processor components used in audio mastering and recording. A limiter is a compressor set at an extreme setting... ie: a limiter would have a ratio setting of say 20:1... for every 20 units the signal goes over the threshold level the pedal would only output 1 unit over the threshold, giving a big squash to the signal and protecting the amp(s) from clipping. It may not be as flexible as others on our list, though it is incredibly clean, simple to use, and will last you a lifetime. When to use a compressor vs limiter. The end goal of this article is to make these two tools more handy for you. I hope after reading this article you are now more clear that when you should go for compressor and when for the limiter. Essentially, a limiter is just a compressor with a very high ratio. You may be wondering if a limiter attenuates the loudest parts of a signal, how is it any different from a compressor? The engine has a very clean, intuitive design, and presents you with a impressive range of specialized loudness control tools. Limiter vs Compressor: What’s The Difference? Analog vs Digital Bass Compression Pedals