: يمكنني ان أثق بك فقط لو قريبين من بعضنا: أثق فيك a) You should not confide anything to a stranger. (a)+(b) means you shouldn't tell anything secretive or private to {a stranger / strangers}. She loved you in those days, in spite of all differences. Get the Strong4Life Newsletter. You all give me a feeling of being able to trust and confide in you, which in common intercourse one knows nothing of. Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, 'Kambal, Karibal' stars talk about sibling love and strife, Two thirds of Brits confine in colleagues rather than partners, confer on (someone or something) with (one), confer on (someone or something) with (someone), confer with (one) about (someone or something), confer with (one) on (someone or something), confine (someone or something) to (someone or something), confine (someone or something) within (something). 2. You were right, my friend, in thinking it would be a relief to confide in you. I am going to confide in you, and for a good purpose. I should not like this repeated to your -- your -- the other ladies -- it was such a success that, against my aunt's advice, I decided to give it a Broadway production. “Confide in Me” is a song by Kylie Minogue from her fifth studio album Kylie Minogue.It was released on 29 August 1994, one month before the release of the album as its lead single. ". What you have done in my name with the Chamberlain Pilzou, the Countess Bonau, the Marshal and his wife, Colonel Kalt, and the Minister of Finance -- I will maintain -- as if I had done it myself. 5. I learned not to confide anything secret in Bob. Posted Sep 01, 2014 Try to create a safe environment for them. Q. I ask nothing more, and am now prepared to fully confide in you. 1. You are a friend who has suffered in our cause, and I can confide in you. You should have given her every encouragement to confide in you. Wanna be closer COUPLES in close relationships face less risk of further heart attacks than those with no-one to confide in , … I confide in you, Dr Clarkson, because I must. c) You should not confide in strangers. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. "You must have shown a flash of speed if you got her to confide in you after knowing you for about two hours. https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/confide+in. You have to be there physically as well as emotionally. I am going to confide in you, and for a good purpose. Shame and vulnerability researcher Dr. Brené Brown is a big proponent of allowing yourself to open up and be vulnerable. Getting your child to open up to and confide in you can be challenging. It is not the part of wisdom to decide until you have all the facts. Therefore, it has always been a natural thing to, In today's fast-moving society, there is a crying need for people to, COUPLES in close relationships face less risk of further heart attacks than those with no-one to, Therefore,it has always been a natural thing to. When you have heard what I have to say you will understand how hard it is. "I don't know how I am to bring myself to confide in you.". The listener makes a big difference. It’s highly helpful for an empath to have a confidant she can confide in … : إنني أثق بك يا سيد (كلاركسون), لأنه يجب عليّ الثقة بك: I can confide in you only when we get close to one another. I know all this, and that your Wellesley is a brave general who is only waiting his time to sweep our enemies back to their own country. How to use confide in a sentence. If you find a person trustworthy, you can share with them some of your feelings, thoughts, or problems. To give as a responsibility or put into another's care: confided the task of drafting the report to her assistant. → confide → See Verb table confide in somebody From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English confide in somebody phrasal verb to tell someone about something very private or secret , especially a personal problem, because you feel you can trust them I’ve never felt able to confide in my sister. For that reason I have been trying to make up my mind to confide in you. If you want someone to confide in you, you may have to confide in them first. v.intr. But, I beseech you, tell me what is happening in the depths of my heart. Tell them that you are there, and they can share it with you without any hesitation. Trust is a two-way street. Now, after what has passed, as a man of honor, I am bound to confide in you. I expect lots of people confide in you about their troubles and love affairs. to tell a secret or private matter to someone, trusting that the person will not reveal the secret. "Confide in me?" That is to say, in about one second he thought out the whole business and came to a decision - to two decisions. Still, in case you do go away, let us say good-bye now. kylie minogue'nun confide in me adlı parçasının sampleları üzerine subsky'ın yaptığı parçanın adı. Give them all possible support when they are low. This is so strange a thing, my wanting to confide in you. I can confide in you, and I am satisfied with you. Since you were willing to share with them, they may be more willing to share with you. See more. They are all possible, but each one has a different meaning. Confide in an aunt or friend's mom or even the lady you babysit for. In her second book, "The Gifts of Imperfection," Brown explains the importance of being careful who you open up to and reveals six types of people you should never confide in when you feel shame about something. Of course you can confide in me—I'm your best friend! English examples for "confide in you" - He read it; and directly he had read it he began to confide in you all. To disclose private matters in confidence: He knew he could confide in … As you doubtless know, Rama Ragobah left Bombay for New York about eleven weeks ago. To share one's secrets with someone, usually a trusted person unlikely to divulge them. It was such a success that -- I feel I can confide in you. b) You should not confide anything to strangers. fides v.tr. Talk honestly, simply to him of the aspects of your religious life that he can understand. By using you as his personal therapist, he is then free to confide in you about his pain over his breakup.