Instead, stay informed on construction technology so you can decide what tools can most likely improve your team’s communication and overall productivity. Correct written communication, avoid slang, keep it direct, simple and legible. Both are required to get the job done and make sure the worksite is safe, productive, and efficient. The construction industry is no stranger to jargon, so reducing your use of industry-specific terms can greatly improve communication and keep everyone on the same page. Be clear about the interpersonal standards you maintain on your team and ensure a prospective hire is prepared to integrate into that culture. Establishing a clear line of communication that includes identifying points of contact with contact information for key team members is vital to ensuring that information is getting to the right people in a timely manner. Communication is an essential skill in every industry. The most-engaged network of construction professionals, up-to-date construction bidding leads. All in one place. During the hiring process, you should evaluate candidates not just on both their technical and communication skills. digital bid board, and takeoff tools. Some issue or another had arisen and it would probably be a month before they could start on that project, and insisted they had told "someone" at the general contractor’s office. Being a clear writer and speaker is only half the job of being a good communicator. We communicate in a number of ways every day, both verbally and nonverbally and construction communication is no different. Indeed defines active listening as the ability to focus and comprehend the speaker’s message as well as responding thoughtfully to whatever they say. Is Construction Essential everywhere in your State? If you are working on multiple projects with the same owner or architect, focus on only one project at a time to avoid confusion. We compile daily reports, take photos, create requests for … Whether it’s checking equipment function before starting a job or doing a final safety check on an electric system before signing off, construction professionals know a job isn’t done until a quality check has been performed and passed. Being brief but comprehensive in your construction communication takes practice. One study from Forbes found that 67% of employers reported experiencing miscommunications caused by language barriers in their organization which led to inefficiencies. 800Cincinnati, OH 45209877-422-8665. Try to understand what the speaker is trying to communicate from their point of view. Covered by the following U.S. Patent Numbers with other patents pending: 9,785,638; 9,633,012; 9,529,868; 9,116,895. The whole point of project meetings is to communicate and make sure everyone has a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. Having effective communication in construction is just as crucial to a team as having the right construction equipment. You don’t … Another good tip is to document and record all communication you have on a construction project. Unless asked, keep your personal opinions or feelings about a project to yourself. You can also implement quality checks on your crew’s communications. Establish a Clear Chain of Command… Economic webinars, blogs, monthly construction starts, quarterly forecasts, annual put-in-place forecasts, and more. The high costs are a result of the time spent on tasks like finding project information and resolving conflicts. Though these technologies may seem expensive, they can ultimately save money in the end by improving cost and time efficiency. Work Smarter With Real-Time Collaboration, Take Control of Your Bidding Pipeline With Our Online Bid Board. Outsell your competition with quality construction leads. Require each of your crews to maintain proper documentation of their communications and schedule regular checks to ensure these processes are being followed. 1063 McGaw Ave. #200 Understand complex processes, industry trends, and best business practices for the commercial construction industry with resources to help you operate and grow your business. You could miss a vital piece of information that answers your question if you are focusing solely on what you are going to say when it’s your turn to speak. The message usually gets misheard a few times so by the time it gets around the room, “I like lazy Sunday afternoons the best” gets turned into something like “I saw an alien walking my neighbor's dog yesterday.”. Are there other restrictions? hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(2347101, '127ebdd9-c2ba-4ff2-b8aa-9a21317cde43', {}); Kendall Jones is the Editor in Chief at ConstructConnect. For all oral communication, make notes of what was discussed along with dates and times of these conversations. For instance, a roofer may know exactly how to handle a housetop that’s ponding, and a flooring professional can pickle a pine finish without breaking a sweat. Basically, you want to be the Sergeant Joe Friday of the construction industry. Apparently, the subcontractor was not going to be able to start work on a project the following week as scheduled. Once the speaker has finished is the time to ask questions and get clarification on any points that remain unclear. Survey: Can Americans Recognize Cities without Their Skyscrapers? Over 40% said that these barriers reduced overall productivity. In addition to establishing a clear chain of command for communication and determining the best methods of communication to use, you should also discuss how often you should be updating and communicating with the owner and architect on the progress of the project. There are plenty of metrics you can use to measure communications, such as the frequency of meetings and the accuracy of documentation. These are typically spelled out in the contract documents and usually require the owner and general contractor to communicate with each other through the architect. Make eye contact and provide nonverbal signals such as head nods to show that you are actively listening. The 4 Different Types of Construction Contracts, 17 Top Construction Companies Shaking Up the Industry. But to an electrician, drywall installer, or plumber, “ponding” and “pickling” may as well be a different language.