This will put you at the other side of the stone bridge, only now there's less resistance given that you've taken out the Hollows with the ranged attacks. When the eggs are gone, attack the pale arm and hand jutting from its front. Walk over to the outside balcony of the building and cut down the hanging body outside the balcony. Drop other hanging corpses to obtain Repair Powder (Look out for opponents that can attack with a pitchfork). Look out for its axe swipes and its fire breath attack. Click the map to make it larger, and be sure to check out all of our Dark Souls 3 maps. If you want to search the area closely, you can use the first path and then explore the other one. You just have to not get careless and let their numbers overwhelm you. Inside, move the hanging corpse (it will attack you) in order to obtain Small Leather Shield. Go out of the tower and unto the rooftop where you should find Siegward. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Dark Souls veterans may remember the Red Soapstone item in previous games. You can either go straight and into the buildings beyond or cross the wood bridge to the right. When you reach the Hollow Manservant, look for a corpse hanging out over the village far below. While sticking to the rooftops, look for a walkway. After the fight, you will be rewarded with Estus Shard and Ember. Collect Charcoal Resin Bundle and exit the building. However, a fat lady will join the fight (so far she was inactive). Near the bonfire that appears, you'll find an altar. Going further in the town stables will lead to Flynn's Ring. Head to the gate and use the lever on the left to open it. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Bandai Namco Entertainment or From Software. A red-eyed undead will also be waiting for you. Killing the Large Hound-rat will yield a Bloodbite Ring. It's especially helpful since not all the spiders are alive. You will face your first enemies as soon as you pass the gate. On a ledge near Loretta's body is some Repair Powder and there's a corpse inside that has a Small Leather Shield for you, provided you cut down the corpse. The deeper passage, which is guarded by skeletons, has a Loincloth, Soul of an Unknown Traveler and a Red Hilted Halberd. On the second floor, jump across the ruined gap to find a Great Scythe. 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Take out the Starved Hounds and grab the Human Pine Resin from the chest. Look for a Fire Clutch Ring at a wooden dock behind the building. You will want to run because a giant from a nearby tower is throwing spears at you. 2. If you're agile enough, you can take a chance picking up items along this path and the adjacent graveyard. Tactics (second phase): Continue to hit the Greatwood's eggs until they're completely gone, while also being mindful of its pale arm, which can swipe at you or pluck you off the ground. Remember: if you have Black Firebombs you can quickly get rid of at least two groups that are situated next to explosive barrels. His future involvement depends on a few choices on your part. Continue through the archway, where you'll see dozens of motionless pilgrims praying. Head away from the gate and the bonfire, hugging the left wall, and keeping your guard up. Descend down the staircase from the bonfire, turn left and look for a corpse to pillage... Undead Settlement bonfire. They aren't especially difficult due to their slowness. If you gave the Mortician's Ashes to the Shrine Handmaid, you can buy the Grave Key from her. You're better off disabling the lock-on and manually aiming for the arm. You'll need to keep up with its high speed while being efficient with your attacks. Just remember to sneak up to one of them and deliver a deadly blow. Just throw the projectile close enough to cause an explosion. Past the gully is another sewer passage. When you're finished exploring the area within the firing range of the spears, go up the house and deal with the Peasant Hollow and the red-eyed assassin. Deal with all the weaker creatures to fight her one on one. Leaving the other end of the bonfire room will lead you up to the rooftops, which allows you to clear out the Peasant Hollows with flaming ranged attacks. Either way, he will stop throwing the spears. Accept his offer of service, and he'll disappear sell you magic at Firelink Shrine. Undead Settlement is a Location in Dark Souls 3. Enter the balcony and walk around the house. The decaying ruins are crowded with hordes of undead… You'll also find an extra Soul, and some Alluring Skulls. Talk to her twice and she'll teleport to the shrine, where she'll be able to teach you miracles. The fallen body that is situated in front of the building has Loretta's Bone. Go lower and deal with two dogs at the gate. Make a right to open the double doors, which will make entering the temple possible when taking the Wood Bridge Path. When you've taken off about a third of its life, it will transition to the second phase of the battle by body slamming the floor into oblivion. When you've reached the other side of the stables, grab the Caduceus Round Shield outside the door. Take out the two Cage Spiders nearby. Watch out for series of powerful melee attacks and the moment when she starts reading a tome to prepare a deadly strike (don't let her catch you). If you decided to take the wood bridge path earlier, anticipate a few Peasant Hollows and Hollow Slaves as you pass through the stables at the other end of the bridge. Loot it for two Homeward Bones. Talk to Siegward twice to learn what he's up to. Kneel down before it, and you'll receive an item for the Mound-Makers Covenant. Move the other direction. You can get an Ember, Worker Garb, a Reinforced Club, two Pale Tree Branches, Cleric's Garb, a Blue Wooden Shield and Mortician's Ashes. Go lower and deal with two dogs at the gate. To free Irina and recruit both her and Eygon, we need to purchase the Grave Key for 1,500 Souls. Repeat the process until they die. The right is populated with Peasant Hollows, Hollow Manservants and a couple Starved Hounds. After dealing with a few more Peasant Hallows, enter the building using the door on the left.