© 2020, Seed Needs LLC Nasturtium (Tropaeolum Majus Double Gleam Orange) - Grow this favorite garden flower from seeds and enjoy its beauty all summer long. Nasturtium is native to Peru and Chile, where it's long been cherished as a medicinal plant. Sowing Seed Indoors: Sow indoors 4-6 weeks before the last frost using a seed starting kit. Once established, you can continue to neglect those out-of-the-way spots; these bright, spreading plants will do just fine with sparse watering. All seeds are shipped year-round, while flower bulbs are shipped on a seasonal basis. Nasturtium 'Empress of India' Small, dark blue-green leaves and smoldering scarlet flowers make a striking contrast on this Victorian-era heirloom. The foliage is bright green, robust and trailing/climbing. One of the best items I've bought through Eden brothers. These stunning, raspberry-red flowers are full and ruffly, with a bright yellow center. Do you have a spot in full sun or partial shade you haven't gotten around to cultivating? Nasturtium Seeds (Dwarf) - Tom Thumb Mix. 16 products 1 2; Nasturtium, Double Dwarf Jewel Mix Short Description. This vibrant cherry-pink nasturtium with large, double, rose-like blooms is a serious show stopper! Availability: Sold Out. Nasturtium 'Double Gleam Mix' is an All-America Selections winner. The broad, round leaves can be stuffed similar to dolmas, but with a more delicate texture. It excels on fences and trellises, or trailing through the garden around other plants. They're known to attract aphids away from more sensitive plants, and some report that aphids die after munching on nasturtium. These stunning, raspberry-red flowers are full and ruffly, with a bright yellow center. The cheerful flowers light up the herb garden or the flower border. As with all herbal remedies, use caution, and check with your doctor to make sure concentrated infusions of nasturtium won't conflict with your current medications or physical condition. To increase your drainage, we recommend that you add a light compost to any areas containing hard, compact soil. You'll save 10% on today's order and receive special offers, gardening tips and helpful resources daily. $3.00. Nasturtium is also used for acne, skin and mouth lesions. Few things are as beautiful as a drift of bright green nasturtium leaves holding perfectly round beads of rain after a summer shower. Sow the seeds at a depth of 1/2” under topsoil. Seed Needs consistently ships thousands of seed packets on a weekly basis. Peat pots will help prevent root shock when transplanted. Powered by Shopify. Thank you for your continued patience with us! Like candy for the eyes, the Cherry Rose Jewel nasturtium delivers high-voltage color that makes it a perfect statement flower in the garden bed, borders, containers or on the plate. Sow nasturtium seeds outdoors two weeks before the last frost date. Transplant entire pots, or direct sow outdoors when the weather has warmed and all danger of frost has passed. ***ATTENTION*** We are no longer accepting new orders as of June 23, 2020. Clip the tender shoots at the ends of vines to add crunch to salads, sandwiches, and soups. Nasturtium will thrive in areas of full sunlight, with temperatures of at least 65F or higher. Category: Seeds. Easy to grow Double Gleam Nasturtiums glow with color and the unique texture of the full blooms offers even more interest to your flower garden! Teas made from leaves or flowers are traditionally used as an expectorant and laxative. Do you want a pest-repelling companion plant that's also edible, ornamental and valued as an herbal remedy? Ground cover: Nasturtium thrives in average, sandy, dry soils. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -, All Zones Ship Until Inventory is Sold Out, Summer Blooming; Adaptable and easy to grow. Some are green (fresh), some are brown (dried). A double nasturtium! Nasturtiums do well in cool weather and are also edible.