Sometimes research points will not show up in your journal correctly - this is a display bug only. NPC. NPC Divisions Once an agent is working for you, you get Research Points (RP) from them to trade for Datacores (available from the agent with RP as currency) to sell or use in invention. They will be in need of some service that you will be asked to provide. When you press the "Start Research" button, a window will pop up to ask you what kind of research you want to do. Remember, this must be your own personal standing with the R&D corp whose agent you want to interact with. To acquire missions from a research agent, you must first "hire" the agent and initiate the research process. Each empire faction has its own research corporations, which are the following (links go to the EVE-Agents site): When you find a suitable R&D agents you can ask them to start working for you in one of the fields that the agent has available. NAVIGATOIN. EVE Online. Security Reports This page has been accessed 481,340 times. The two missions currently offered are to either deliver a quantity of Tritanium to the agent, or to courier a small box from the agent to some other station. You will be offered missions by each of your R&D agents once per day, with the first mission offered some time after you start research with them (anecdotal evidence suggests 1 to 4 days between starting research and getting the first research mission offer). There is a limit to the number of agents with whom you can be doing research at one time. Recalculation of the ranks is made after the prices are updated on the datacores. Not requesting the mission will not affect your RP gain - the agent might notify you that "research will halt", but that warning can be ignored - the "research" that they need help with will be halted (and you will not receive the bonus RP), but the other research they are doing will continue (your normal RP will continue to accrue). “Research Agents Guide” ... Yeah, that’s right…listen to me and get that uber l33t T2 eve online isk printing BPO! The profitability of the R&D agents is evaluated among all the agents accessible by your character (based on the skills specified above). The Research Points (RP) that you gain are based your science research field skill level as well as the agent's level and your standing with the agent. INDUSTRY. COSMOS Career Agents. Just start a conversation and click the appropriate option. Mining Guide, COSMOS The RP/day generated by your agent will not change if you alter your Negotiation skill. The prices are loaded in an automatic mode twice a week through API Each day the agent works, they will add some points to your Research account. If so, its like 15 agents per account which could really perpetuate your account. You must talk to the agent and decline the latest mission before you cancel research with that agent, or you will suffer a standings loss as if you had accepted and then failed the mission. Anomic ... OR is it like skill training in which only 1 character per account per account can research at a time. At one time it was possible to win T2 BPOs through a lottery system, with your accrued RP of any flavour being equivalent to tickets in the lottery. Agents. You do this by clicking on the "Start Research" button that appears on the agent's conversation window. This is usually either a short courier run to another station, or supplying the agent with a small amount of Tritanium (The amount varies by agent level). These points will accrue whether you are logged on or not.