Fender recently nixed its long-running Standard Series of Mexican-made guitars. Bear in mind, this is not your usual Mahogany, fixed bridge guitar to have P90's so i'm trying to find something that specifically suits this guitar. I dont know what Fender was thinking when they came out with this guitar but I like it. This is the Fender Modern Player Jaguar. ... One of the most famous but unusual guitar shapes is the Fender Jaguar. Fender Jaguar user reviews. The Jaguar for most of its history was a smaller less fancy version of the Fender Mustang. Point is, they're not that great and I want something different in them. The Mustang usually got P90 style pickups while the Jaguar got single coils. This has the traditional Jaguar setup with a 24 inch scale neck and the large headstock. It maintains many vintage features, including the much-loved/much-hated vibrato design and the quirky metal cage surrounding the neck pickup. Yes, that's right, P90's I have a '90's CIJ Jaguar which has been modded by one of the previous owners to carry a pair of P90's. Replacing it is the new Player Series, also made in Mexico.This updated Jaguar is the first Player Series model we’ve reviewed. ... Fender Modern Player Jaguar - "Mean Machine P90 style" 12/01/11.