(180 + (6 × 0) + (3 × 0) + 20 + 0) × (3) × (1.30 + 0) × (1) × (1) = 780 / 60 = 13 minutes → 13 minutes. As such, it is a superfluous chore to bother with increasing the duration further. A great sub below Lv.10. Equipment: Same with WAR, this is entirely melee-oriented. I am aware of the norms, but for the sake of completeness I will be testing each job at the different level ranges to give an overview of all possibilities for players. . You have 8/8 Enhancing Magic Skill merits. Most Red Mages avoid using Daggers because they have lower … If somebody wants to format this shit to look nicer, then feel free. "Composure" alone will bring you to the maximum duration of 15 minutes. I actually do not know if there is a cap on the maximum duration of "Protect". At 5 add everything else, Sarutabaruta: Most of your equipped spells will give you handy status bonuses and, of course, the ability to use them. High workload in exp parties; at a minimum, responsible for keepi… Ghelsba Outpost, Giddeus, Dangruf Wadi. If you need more defense and are not really worried about your MP pool, this works decently enough - albeit not being noticeably effective. "Bar-" spells that increase resistance to specific ailments have a base duration derived from your Enhancing Magic Skill; the base duration is 8 minutes at 240 Enhancing Magic Skill. Though their healing, nuking, and fighting skills aren't as good as those of the specialists - White Mages, Black Mages, and Warriors - they are still competent. Welcome to Red Mage, come in and enjoy the freedom of one of the best jobs in the soloing department. (180 + (6 × 0) + (3 × 0) + 20 + 0) × (3) × (1.90 + 0) × (1.58) × (1) = 1801.2 / 60 = 30.02 minutes → 30 minutes. You need Enhancing Magic Skill +44 to reach the maximum potency from skill. This specific equipment set offers Enhancing Magic Skill +57. They would either be Decent Challenge which proved to be to weak, or Tough which shouldn't be too bad, but those tended to be Sheep and Goblins which are dangerous at this level. No further equipment that enhances duration is needed. Assuming that you are /SCH, this equipment set will bring you to "Conserve MP" +60(100)%. Unfortunately, there is no conceivable way maximize the duration of "Phalanx" while focusing on potency. Very useful, since you will have access to Cure right off the bat. 4. "Composure" combined with the Enhancing Magic Duration +75% that this specific equipment set offers will bring you to the maximum duration of 30 minutes. 3. Red Mage: Abbreviation RDM Japanese 赤魔道士 (赤) Japanese Romaji Akamadoushi (Aka) French Mage rouge German Rotmagier Expansion Pack Final Fantasy XI: Quest None Red Mage. It does have its uses up to that point, but it will be pretty much obsolete after that, unless you're into suicide. Community Red Mage Guide. For Red Mage, White Mage will be usable in nearly every situation, however there will be some points where white mage will not work, so be warned. ex: NIN(20-30) → SUB(level range of RDM) Tarutaru won't have any problems there, but Mithra and Galka will have problems charming their enemies due to their low CHR. MP, MP, MP. South Gustaberg → lv1-10 The only downside to this is the fact that you can't equip any leg gear while wearing this special event piece, and of course the pretty low defense rating. They act as multipliers at the very end, meaning "Pixie hairpin +1" does not add magic attack bonus +28, but rather multiply the total WS damage by 1.28. Up to level 10, it will increase your damage output a bit while giving a very marginal boost to your defense. Job Overview Red Mages (RDM) are called the Jack of All Trades by many for their abilities to cast White Magic, Black Magic, and fight with swords and daggers. The editing of collaborative guides should keep the overall direction and general opinions the same. Levels 1-10 are to some the make-or-break areas of a job, to others it's just the mud they must trudge through before the hot enjoyable shower. Samurai is very useful. You need Enhancing Magic Skill 355+ to reach the maximum potency from skill. The formula is either not applicable or predominantly unimportant with this specific spell. Red Mage, the jack-of-all-trades more or less of mages. You'll be required to stack up on CHR gear, depending on your race. My recommendation is to head towards the Beastmen Outposts around level 5. Name 10: Resist Petrify: 15: ... Community Red Mage Guide; Jack of All Trades, FFXIAH; Video Guides: Outdated Guides: As such, parties are not hard to find normally for Red Mages when those spells are finally learned. But not for Red Mage, as it adds stats you'll most likely not need at all, and some abilities you won't be able to use due to them requiring you to have a Great Katana equipped. "Composure" alone will bring you to the maximum duration of 30 minutes. Tiny Mandragora, Giant Bee, Savanna Rarab MP bonus is small, but can help. Other than that, it doesn't have any practical use, especially not in solo fights. Job Overview. Similar to White Mage, but with the INT increase and elemental and dark assistance instead of MND and curing. Colada must have at least Enhancing Magic Duration +3%. East Ronfaure Pollen will play a major role here, as its soft cap is slightly higher than that of Cure, and you'll reach that cap a lot quicker than with said White Mage spell - and will cost just as much. Save your MP for curing, I did not cast any other spell until level 5 when I added one Dia at the start of a fight with a mob with high defense. Assuming that you are /SCH and the Unity you are associated with is #1 in the Unity Ranking, this equipment set will bring you to "Conserve MP" +72(100)%. Normal low level camps. This will allow for "Aquaveil" +2.