Glass thermometers are one of the most common type of aquarium thermometers. If you are measuring the temperature of the same water, you should be get the same temperature readings. Be sure that the entire surface and the outside of your aquarium is dry. The installation takes only a few minutes, and you can remove it if you desire. You attach it horizontally by using the adhesive. If the glass thermometer is attached to a floating device, it can be used as a floating thermometer. However, it is not wise to rely on the aquarium heater alone. It is not installed to an aquarium as a fixed thermometer, but it can be useful as a secondary thermometer. While glass thermometers are inexpensive, they are fairly accurate. Aquarium thermometers should be placed on the towards the front of the fish tank for easy reading. For digital thermometers with external components, make sure the wires have a drip loop for safety. Stir the ice water and submerge the thermometer in the water for at least 15 seconds. Simply wipe down the outside of the tank with glass cleaner and a soft, lint-free cloth. It can be installed on the bottom of the aquarium, partially buried in the gravel. Fish Laboratory is reader-supported. Step 1. SKU. Strip thermometers, also known as sticker thermometers, are inexpensive and easy to install. Strip thermometers usually do not cost more than a few dollars, and they are often included in fish tank kits. While all aquarium thermometers are used to monitor the water temperature, there are many different types of aquarium thermometers with different features available. The backside of the strip thermometer comes with an adhesive. The easiest way to verify the accuracy of your aquarium thermometer is to use a secondary thermometer. A change in the aquarium's water temperature can not only harm your fish, plants and coral, it can kill them. It measures and displays the temperature of your tank’s water temperature just like a standard thermometer. Since the temperature reading is given by the changing color of the liquid crystal ink, it is also referred to as a liquid crystal display or LCD thermometers as well. While an aquarium heater is used to control the water temperature, the aquarium thermometer will help monitor the temperature. The best aquarium thermometer is the one that you can rely on. An aquarium thermometer must be placed on the opposite end of an aquarium heater. Therefore, you may need to fix the position of the thermometer regularly. However, they are not the most accurate thermometers. To install, simply wipe down the aquarium glass. Strip thermometers placed near AC vents can also give unreliable readings. However, glass thermometers generally provide more accurate readings because they are placed inside the aquarium. The temperature readings are not affected by the outside temperature. Some digital thermometers will allow you to reset the thermometer or replace the probe. The drip loop will prevent any water from reaching the electrical components. These will need to be replaced if the temperature reading is inaccurate. They can provide accurate reading to 0.1°F, something that is not possible with an analog thermometer. Most people will stick the thermometer on the edge or side of aquarium so it will not obstruct their view of the fish. When you click on links on our site, we may earn as an Amazon Associate as well as other affiliates programs. This can affect its reading accuracy. To install, simply wipe down the aquarium glass. This is the recommended method of installing a glass thermometer for most aquariums. In addition, most digital thermometers are manufactured without glass components, making them more durable than many fragile glass thermometers. If the temperature reading is not accurate, you may need to calibrate the thermometer. Once the strip is straight, press it against the glass. 2581081. Maintaining proper temperature of your aquarium is very important, especially for tropical tanks. It can be placed on the side walls as well. When the aquarium glass is curved, it can be difficult to install the thermometer on the glass wall. While it can be moved around as needed, it has a fixed position, so it is much easier to read and manage. The strip thermometer is simply not that accurate due to that heating and cooling the glass will take a will longer than the water inside your tank. 2. you want to put in the heater and adjust it so it barely heats up a little before shutting off. They are usually equally inexpensive or only slightly more expensive than strip thermometers. In such cases, a standing thermometer can be useful. If the glass thermometer is attached to a suction cup, it can be used as a submersible thermometer. This thermometer is placed inside the tank and sticks to the glass by a suction cup or a clip. Freshwater Aquarium Fish Forum. Since most digital aquarium thermometers run on batteries, you will be required to change them regularly. Based on the different attachments, a glass thermometer can be installed in multiple ways. A fish tank thermometer strip is a form of thermometer which you stick on to the outer glass of your fish tank. The temperature can usually be shown in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. when I first setup my tank I went mad trying to find a correct thermometer. There are many different models available, but most take the temperature from a meter that is installed inside the aquarium. You can simply point the thermometer to the water in the bucket, and quickly measure the water temperature before adding it to the aquarium. Accuracy of aquarium thermometers in reptile tanks; Putting an aquarium thermometer into the water; Is heater and thermometer the same thing? They are considered one of the classic styles of aquarium thermometers, but due to their reliability and versatility, they remain relevant to this day. For example, an infrared digital thermometer can be useful when performing water changes to your aquarium. Some digital thermometers have internal displays, while others have external displays. Freshwater Aquarium Discussion. Aquarium thermometers are a small but essential item for your aquarium. (This is why we use windows in our houses, to insulate) IMHO a floating or one that hangs by suction cup inside the tank would be much more accurate, and also by looking a little harder will help you keep a better watch on things in your tank. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates.