TUGUEGARAO CITY, Philippines — Brown water submerged nearly everything, as entire villages were swallowed by the deluge. The comments below have not been moderated. Authorities have struggled to give a precise estimate for the death toll from the flooding as emergency services struggle to reach flood-hit villages as many roads have been washed away or are still blocked by debris. All areas look equal. It seems that whole village submerged into water. Many of the dead were buried in their homes in a remote village, where about 150 houses had been swallowed by mudslides. More nutrition supplies expected in the coming weeks to treat approximately over 4,000 acutely malnourished children every day for the next three months. Four of the deaths have occurred in France - with two bodies found in Saint-Martin-Vestubie, one in Lantosque, and another in Colomars. The floods, fast and furious, left few people with enough time to make … At least two people were killed in Saint-Martin-Vestubie amid the flooding (pictured), while two others died in villages further down the mountains. Far-to-far only water looks. “We don’t have safe drinking water. This time was fatal to them.'. Packs of wolves are known to live wild in the Maritime Alps, though they are typically seen on the Italian side. Firefighters told local media that they are looking for eight people who were known to have been caught up in the floods, and have not been seen since. A mother and her three sons had to be rescued from their car as nearly 80 flood warnings are issued. Trashes and garbage are everywhere around the house. Video shot on Sunday evening showed waves battering the … Polluted water with trash, human and animal wastes and animal carcasses, potentially contains dangerous diseases, which is still surrounding Hat's home. Luckily it happened near to his home and he was able to swim to the shore. One resident reported seeing 'several' of the animals along a road near the village after the storm had passed, saying they appeared 'completely distraught'. Bernard Gonzalez, the prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes, revealed the shocking news late Monday, as he told French media that the bodies are in a state of 'great decomposition', meaning they are almost certainly not flood victims. People in the village can’t access running water, toilets are under water or destroyed, and the lack of personal hygiene and sanitation is increasing the … The scale of devastation caused by a freak storm that dumped three months' worth of rain on the Maritime Alps has been revealed in images from the French town of Saint-Martin-Vestubie, which bore the brunt of the onslaught, Roads were turned into raging torrents as floodwaters flowed down the mountains, sweeping away everything in their path - including half of this house in Saint-Martin-Vestubie, and the road outside, Before and after images of Saint-Martin-Vestubie reveal how much of the outskirts of the town were washed away by the floodwaters, with buildings, fields and roads swept down the mountainside, Before and after images of Saint-Martin-Vestubie reveal the paths that the torrents took downhill, sweeping away everything in their paths and leaving at least two people in this town dead. That's wrong. My heart goes out to all the people of that town. Hat said his family, including his wife and 3 daughters were evacuated by local authorities, but he quickly decided to return home alone to look after the buffaloes, his most valuable possession. He encountered high waves and strong wind on the journey back home on a small fishing boat and eventually the boat capsized. Donate to help children and women in need, Chu Huu Trang, Communication for Development Specialist. Due to which they become homeless and helpless. Hoat’s 2 buffaloes costed 50 million Vietnam’s Dong (approximately 2,000 USD).