I don't really know what level you are at right now, but here are some general tips you need to know: • Make sure you keep your hand relaxed. Mallets are not included, since mallet players are expected to play the full range of the mallet instruments when playing a complete chromatic scale. I am not quite sure what this means, or how to go about starting to learn it. etc.That’s right, all notes have a range of one semitone. Full Range Chromatic Scales The ranges used for these scales are the suggested full chromatic ranges of middle school instruments, according to the Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA). Trumpet/Baritone T.C. Tune your trumpet before beginning the scale. Tune to a C (this will register as a Bb Concert pitch on tuner) in the staff, which is an open fingering (0). 2/3-G# 1/2-A 1-Bb And open for C. A good way to remember most of the chromatic scale is by the valve sequence. 1 Full Range Major Scales Mrs. Bartell C Major (Concert Bb Major) Arpeggio 3 3 I am trying out for the marching band next year at my college and was told that I need to know how to play the chromatic scale full range. Therefore, we can conclude that this scale has 12 notes (all 12 notes available for Western music!). The four most important aspects are: (1) High Pressure Air Tank (2) Tongue Position (3) Lip Position (4) Super Fast Air Stream The trumpet can play any of the 12 major scales, any of the 12 natural minor, any of the 12 melodic minor, etc. Check out the C chromatic scale below: The Ultimate Warm UP Part 8 Range Study There is a systematic approach to playing high notes on a consistent basis. If your tuner displays a positive value, your trumpet is sharp. There are a few things to remember while starting to learn the chromatic scale. I know I have a lot of work to do before I … It is important to be in tune before playing the scale because every note will sound incorrect if you do not. The chromatic scale is a scale formed by the sequence: semitone-semitone-semitone-semitone. Starting on low F#, this is the chromatic scale up to high C. Because you can’t really see the bottom line, I will write it out.