... Red LED flashes 3 times, pauses and repeats, and green LED is ON. Opener does not run from the remote control, Door Opener Starts for no apparent reason, Door Starts down, then stops before it completely closed, Door Starts Down, then stops and goes back up, Door Starts Up, but stops before it is completely open, Wakk Console Vacation Lock function does not work, Remote control has less than 25' operating range, Opener works from wall control, but not from remote control, Genie Excelerator® Series Garage Door Opener Self-Diagnostic Troubleshooting, Reset the opener- unplug or disconnect power, wait 5 seconds, plug back in and activate from the wall console. Check the Screw Drive Carriage (part # 36179R.S)- if the motor is running and the screw drive is turning inside the rail - then the carriage most likely needs to be replaced. Usually caused by an opener on the opposite door. Check Fuse on motor drive board, and ribbon cable on the motor drive board to make sure it is properly inserted into the connector on the controller board. See page 22 for details. (See page 19). The Genie Excelerator® Series screw drive garage door openers have a status light on the powerhead that will blink if an issue arises that helps diagnose the issue. The remote control will not work. For help with troubleshooting or resolving the issues, you can also always contact Genie Customer Service at 1-800-354-3643. Note: Force settings are not pre-set at the factory. Remove any obstruction between the safety reversing sensors. - Unlock the switch. Red or Green STB should be back to back when there’s 2 doors The antenna should be hanging out the back of the operator. Check open force adjustment (see set limit switches and force controls on page 20.) Pull the emergency door release and check the up-and-down travel of the garage door … Check Wall Console wiring for shorts, tight staples, or pinched wires. Old openers, RV’s, cable boosters, alarms, appliances on the same circuit can create interference. The white wire from the up limit connects to screws 4&5. See the chart below for more details and diagnostics. Overcycled (wait 10 minutes) must leave unit plugged in! (See erase all receiver memory on page 22). STI Safety Technology International, Inc. Genie Garage Door Opener – Excelerator Troubleshooting, Check STB – Both the Red and Green must be solid for the door to close, 2 Blinks and a Pause – Check alignment, clean lenses, replace Green STB or wire to Green STB, 3 Blinks and a Pause – Check for interference. Adjust these force settings as needed. Limits that are less than 6 feet apart (usually 1 piece doors) will not allow the opener to run in the fast mode. Red or Green STB should be back to back when there’s 2 doors, The Green STB should always be placed on the side of the door with the least amount of sunlight, Check position of vacation lock on wall console. The status LED indicator light is located under the lens cover. Check close force adjustment (see set limit switches and force controls on page 20). If normal operation is not restored, change controller board. If diagnostic code is present, troubleshoot as detailed in the Sae-T-Beam system self diagnostic troublshooting chart (see page 24). Remove lens cover and check status light. Check the Safe-T-Beam system for any diagnostic codes (both LED lights should be solid). Plug operator back in and operate from wall control, Check ribbon hardness on controller board, Replace old wall button wires and/or replace wall button with new series II wall button, If normal operation is restored, check door condition and balanace (this can cause a 1 Blink). If the lamp glows, power source and outlet are ok. Replace wall control and repair or replace the wiring FAQ: Troubleshooting Genie garage door opener products. This can be used to reference the pages below if needed. Ensure the remote control is pointing toward the garage door when pressing the control button. Check Safe-T-Beam Self Diagnostic System. What if there’s no distance from remote(s)? Check close limit switch setting (see set limit switches and force controls on page 20) Adjust as needed. Check condition of the garage door and garage door spring(s). Try to eliminate these items if possible. Until a replacement wall console can be obtained if needed, disconnect the wall console and use only remote controls or wireless keypad to operate the garage door opener. PDF Version of the Genie Excelerator® Owner's manual. If installation is new, check the door arm position, Check operation of the contact reverse function. Replace any shorting staples and shorted wires. Check limit switch wire connections to terminals on powerhead. There is a coax antenna available. (Safe-T-Beams 37220R for the Genie Excelerator). One of the first things a homeowner should do is check to see if there’s something in the path of the garage door’s safe operation. Troubleshoot any problems you may be having with your Genie garage door opener, including lights blinking, door reversing, remote issues and more. This should help with most distance issues. Check that both the garage door and opener are n good repair, properly lucbricated, and propery balanced as detailed in the maintenance section. Do not attempt to retune remote controls or receiver. (Type A23 for the original remotes). Adjust the force settings as needed. Replace these as needed. What if the opener closes with constant pressure on the console or pushbutton? Check the open force adjustment. Check position of the Series II multi function wall console vacation lock switch. Check for shorted or pinched wires under the limit switch brackets. Check connections at the wall console terminals- tighten any loose connections. Once you push this button, the light on the garage door opener … Check STB – Both the Red and Green must be solid for the door to close; 2 Blinks and a Pause – Check alignment, clean lenses, replace Green STB or wire to Green STB; 3 Blinks and a Pause – Check for interference. Disconnect wires connected to the wall console. Check carriage for magnet. The first chart uses the Self-Diagnostic Status Light for troubleshooting, the second chart shows general troubleshooting tips. Below is a video showing an example of what you would see if the indicator light was blinking on your Excelerator garage door opener 5 times. This diagnostic light is on Excelerator models: H8000, H8000-07, H8000D, ISD990, ISD995, ISD1000, PRO99, PRO99-21C, PRO99FN, and CMD9900. Usually caused by an opener on the opposite door. If your opener is made before 1993, please click here for important information. If the … Note: This garage door opener is equipped with an automatic garage door balance detection system. Replace the remote control battery. (see wall console installation on page 18 for help). Check the garage door condition. 3 Blinks, (Pause Repeat) Limits are set backwards. (see Safe-T-Beam system self-diagnostic troubleshooting section on page 24). Check Safe-T-Beam system diagnostic code. Led should be blinking 1 to 8 times to diagnose problem area. Clear the garage door opener limits and reprogram the limits (see section 6 in the owner's manual) 4 Blinks, Pause (Repeat) Wall button wire short- or Wall button wires are reversed. To unlock your garage door opener, push the lock button for 5 seconds. Check button and wiring (staples can cut insulation and short wires. The arrow on the carriage must be pointing towards the door. Check open limit switch for a short circuit and for proper wiring. The two charts below show troubleshooting tips for the Genie Excelerator screw drive garage door openers. Anytime the opener is unplugged it will need to re-learn the distance between the up and down limit and during this time it will run slow. Ensure that no buttons are stuck "pushed in" on wall console or any handlheld remote controls. Relocate the remote control inside the car. Adjust the force as needed.