A healthy little snack everyone can chow down on. A few crumbles of goat cheese go on top. Super thinly sliced bread gets a quick toast. Words cannot describe how completely, totally, absolutely obsessed we are with avocado toast, and it seems like the rest of the world is too! Avocados are loaded with healthy fats, the kind of fats that give you energy, nourish your cells and make your skin glow. Prep Time: 3 mins. https://www.foodiemadesimple.com/avocado-toast-with-goat-cheese And it gets a sprinkle of salt, pepper and some micro greens for presentation. Avocado & Goats Cheese Smash on Toast Recipe By I Quit Sugar - Updated 30th September 2020. Drizzle with ACADO™oil, and then sprinkle pepper flakes and sea […] If you make a lot of avocado toast, you’ve noticed there isn’t a lot of cooking. Cook Time: 5 mins. An avocado gets a smash and some citrus to brighten it up. Total Time: 8 mins. Grab the recipe below – and check out my Spring Garden Party post for a … Simply toast baguette slices, top with mashed avocado, a sprinkling of soft crumbled goat cheese, sea salt , chives and red pepper flakes for a little kick, and Voila! Print it Pin it. www.thelovelykitchen.org/2015/02/eggs-on-toast-with-avocado-and-goat-cheese The avocados go first, then I added the goat cheese and a sprinkle of kosher salt and red pepper flakes. Fresh peach and apricot slices lay on top and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and sprinkling of micro … Whipped Goat Cheese and Avocado Breakfast Toast Read More » Whipped goat cheese and avocado breakfast toast is an elevated play on traditional avocado toast. However, your layering skills will come in handy. Once I smashed the avocados, I started my layering on the toast. SERVES 2 INGREDIENTS4 slices crusty breadA ripe avocado1/4 cup goat cheese, crumbledACADO™oilRed pepper flakesBlack lava or sea salt DIRECTIONS1 – Toast bread until light golden brown and crispy.2 – Smash avocado with a fork and divide among bread slices.3 – Top with crumbled goat cheese. Tangy goat cheese and luscious avocado are whipped into a creamy perfection and then spread on a crunchy piece of sourdough toast.