A heart that is shaped. God’s resounding word for a multi-cultural world. - Alpha and Omega / O Come Let Us Adore Him, Terms & Conditions, Privacy and Legal information. Chorus: F Bb/F F Bb/F F C7 C7 God is my refuge and strength, my refuge in time of trouble, trouble F Bb/F F Gm F/C C7 - F God is my refuge and strength, my refuge in time of trouble Bb F C7 F And He will hide me, under the Rock, under the Rock, under the Rock Bb F D7 Gm F/C C7 - F He will hide me, under the Rock safe in the time of trouble Easy-to-teach, free lesson content for Sunday school teachers. Terms & Conditions, Privacy and Legal information | SongShare Terms & Conditions | Contact Us. Developing lifetime faith in a new generation. Discover the Gospel Light difference, because the Gospel changes lives. &Copy; 2020 Integrity Music. Global song resource for worship leaders. True-to-the-Bible resources that inspire, educate, and motivate. God Is My Refuge Chords (Transposable): Lyrics only. Connecting everyday situations to God’s word. Equipping the church with impactful resources for making and teaching disciples. Bible-based, culturally relevant, and personally challenging. Ab A A# Bb B C C# Db D D# Eb E F F# Gb G G#. Celebrate music, engage with artists and purchase music and resources for ministry. Free resources and inspiration for people serving on the front line of the church. Information & ordering portal for David C Cook retail partners. Your one-stop destination to purchase all David C Cook resources. All Rights Reserved. Transforming children to transform their world. God Is Our Strength And Refuge Chords & Lyrics | Richard Thomas Bewes | WeAreWorship. {Verse 1} D D/F# Em7 God is our strength Asus4 A And re - fuge D D/F# Dmaj7/F# Our pre - sent Gsus2 G Gdim7 Help in trouble D/F# Bm F#m B7 And we therefore will not fear A/E A/C# Bm/D Though the earth E7 A G/A F#m/A Em/A Should change D/F# Bm7 Em7 Asus2+4 Though mountains shake and tremble Dmaj7 Gmaj7 C#m7+4 Though swirling floods C#m7 F#sus4 F#7 Are ra - ging Bm Adim7 G6 B7/F# … See Sheet music for God Is Our Strength And Refuge. Music for the church and Christ followers. A life that is changed.