j0n1g wrote a review Dec 2019. The path going to the attraction is not paved and the trail is usually muddy and slippery. One of three coffins found in a cave in Hubei. Interesting history but I did not see the whole site. The nearest town of any significance is Yibin, and calling that significant is being kind. Hanging coffins either lie on beams projecting outward from vertical faces such as mountains, are placed in caves in the face of cliffs, or sit on natural rock projections on mountain faces. Hanging coffins are an ancient funeral custom of some ethnic groups, especially the Bo people of southern China. Source: China.org.cn. Helpful. Sagada-Mountain province-Philippines. Rather than bury the dead where the coffins could be at risk of floods or wild animals, the cliff-face location provided extra protection for the loved ones in death. The hanging coffins are safely preserved at a place called ‘Echo Valley’ in Sagada. Share. Perth, Australia 249 contributions 19 helpful votes. The most famous Hanging Coffin site, as well as the location of the Bo Culture Museum, is Luobiao in southern Sichuan. The hanging coffins in Sagada is a reflection of rich culture and history of the Igorots. Must see. If you’re ever looking for a middle-of-nowhere town in China, Luobiao certainly qualifies. One of their famous tourist attractions are the Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins which serves as an educational walk through the past. Construction of the Coffins. Although this is a fascinating burial custom , there are many questions about it that are still unanswered. Read more. Sagada, Philippines-October 9, 2016: The Igorots practice unique funerary customs-the dead are buried in coffins … A number of coffins, however, are placed in the highest corners of the cave walls. And it is not just the cliffs that were chosen as a final resting place. Some of the hanging coffins that can be seen at Sagada are over a century old. These coffins are suspended from the limestone cliffs via ropes and strong wires. Hanging Coffins at the Matangba (麻塘坝) coffin site in Luobiao . For instance, although it is claimed that this practice is over 2000 years old, there is no real evidence to prove that it is so. I stayed with the guide and got the history of the location and the customs. Our travel guide will help you visit this place. ( rweisswald /Adobe Stock) Links to China . But I did not take the hike down to see them close up. Date of experience: December 2019. The burial cliffs in Echo Valley are predominately reserved for the elders of the tribe with families. Hanging coffins of the Igorot indigenous people. Within the dark corners of the Lumiang Burial Cave lay a stack of coffins that enclose some of the oldest Igorot ancestors. Sagada's beautiful place truly speaks of its rich culture and heritage. Coffins of various shapes were mostly carved from one whole piece of wood. Aside from the Gongxian Mountains, another famed Chinese location is Quibei County in the province of Yunnan, where more hanging coffins have been located. The hanging coffins of Sagada are a picture-perfect sight more impressive than any horror fiction. In contrast, burials in the ground with the moisture and organisms would lead to much quicker decay. They strongly believe that they will benefit spiritually from their burial tradition. The hanging coffins and cliff tombs were airy, dry, and shaded, and these conditions slowed down the rate of decomposition. Here the funerary practice is better known as “hanging tombs” and the departed are placed into small man-made caves.