As part of your home defense plan, it’s advisable also to get yourself a rifle, shotgun or handgun for self-defense. 83 Views 3. •Make a plan, practice it and give it layers. The same is true for your valuables, credit cards and emergency cash. Detailed plans are the first to derail in times of stress or panic. 0. Simple, but effective. Share Embed Published on 25 Nov 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism. Therefore, having a home defense plan in place is so important. Militia Home Defense plan for Riots. Consider the costs. An underlying principle of home defense you and your family members should remember before and after creating your home-defense plan is this: There’s no material object worth killing or dying over. Consider the type of gun and ammunition you need for self-defense, the training required to become proficient at using it, and additional equipment you may need. Author Bio. He has chosen this career path to share his knowledge with other gun enthusiasts in order to help them stay safe and make the best choice when buying a weapon. If there’s one piece of advice that you need to know on home defense tactics in an SHTF or disaster scenario, it’s that having a plan and strategy in place is far more important than the equipment or weapons that you have. In most cases you will have an outer layer (yard), inner (house) and safe room. Tailor your approach to your family and home. •Never, ever, tell anyone where you have your guns and home-defense firearms. In other words, it doesn’t matter what gun you’re using for home … The Best Home Defense Tactics That You Need To Know Before SHTF Read More » Subscribe 100. Pocono Tactical - 83 Views. Jeremy Hopper is a home & safe defense specialist.