The walls shared with interior rooms had plywood fitted screwed at close intervals & then the plasterboard fitted to make finishing easier. Self-defense training does not only come in handy as a personal protection deterrent in the era of terrorism, but it also comes in handy in your own home. This is not to say every home invasion turns violent, but there are many recorded cases in which violence has been the end result of a home invasion. A simple Google search will provide a large variety of home security and surveillance options. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. In addition to this, getting self-defense training also goes a long way to increase your chances of survival. After escaping, your next action should be to run to a designated neighbor’s house for safety. Whatever you do, never leave with an intruder to another location. A gun you can reach from a sleeping position might give you a few more seconds to get out of bed. Here’s how to prevent home invasions – and what to do in a home invasion if it happens. If your home is bigger than the norm, you might have a couple different plans depending on where the intruder enters the building. Installations like security cameras, video doorbells that alert you when someone is at the door, motion sensor lighting, security window film, steel screws in place of your standard door hinges, and good locks are all going to stop or, at the very least, slow down the more steadfast robbers. In order to make the information in this article as easily digestible as possible, the sections and tips on prevention and response have been split up so that they are more readily accessible. Having a basic understanding of the way lockpicking works can potentially go a long way to save your life or the life of a family member. It may sound extremely redundant, but it’s true. Last year we had an entry attempt and I promptly got my gun. Use security doors & hardware. One thing I’ve noticed is why are residential entry doors not made to open outward like commercial doors are? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Home invasions are much rarer than your run of the mill home robbery, and it is not always the case that the main driving force behind a home invasion is to steal an individual’s property. Never stop improving you situation BAT FD-12 magazine fed 28″ bullpup semi-auto shotgun with situation dependent ammo. Keep in mind that most of these security measures will overlap between invasion and response. For instance, being privy to the knowledge on how to escape from a kidnapping will help you escape restraints if you are bound and tied up by home invaders. It means you can merely make your home appear threatening and you’ll ward off most potential burglars. Once the system is armed, any windows breaking or doors being forced open will trigger an alarm that notifies local authorities. What do you do once someone has gained entry to your house and is now a threat to you and your loved ones? 6 Simple Ways To Get A Broken Key Out Of A Lock, I Locked Myself Out Of My House! Here is a summary of the 5 steps we will discuss: 1. If you are law enforcement, it is “easier” to kick in or battering ram a door swinging in, than out. Many preppers will surely want the same thing, but preppers will also want their plants to serve double-duty as defensive countermeasures to a home invasion. Each of the examples listed above can be prevented by improving the security of your front door, which we will dive into later on in this article. The overlaps really improved our bedroom for sleeping comfort. Your life is more valuable than any worldly possession you could ever possibly own. Who’s to say that your home isn’t being targeted at random, and if so what is the factor that makes your home stand out in comparison to other homes? Here are several tips about how to survive a home invasion, and how to prevent home invasions in the first place. Using multiple security deterrents simply follows the school of thought that the best form of security is the one that exists in layers. We got them to screw the plywood at close intervals & fit “cyclone bolts” that hold down the walls to the interior walls as well so that our bathroom is also a cyclone storm refuge. We were on holidays in Tasmania & the unit we rented had me intrigued. The best part? Basic survival skills are somewhat of a must if you hope to survive home invaders who are looking to harm you, your property, or your family. Home invasions, although rare, can happen either sporadically or as a result of a targeted effort. The security buffers that you employ should be meant to seal any cracks that exist in your security. Same for a “safe room” door. Dealing with a home invasion is not a light-hearted affair, and every aspect of it should be taken seriously so that you are taking active steps to protect your life and the lives of those around you. However, if the invader is noticeably aggressive and violent, you need to fight back. When it comes to choosing security deterrents, homeowners should be mindful of the nature of the of the deterrent that they are using. Response and prevention go hand in hand, and setting up the proper preventative barriers will give you much needed time to contact the authorities. These basic survival skills can also be bolstered by the inclusion of a safety plan and an escape plan that stipulates what needs to be done when issues like this arise. However, homeowners do not only have to focus on themselves. They should also focus on the kind of physical security threats that they are most likely to face because this will help them understand the way a home invade or a burglar will attempt to attack your home.