I understand this can be frustrating for public displays, the only thing I can reccomend is what Bartlanz reccomended - Either a virtual monitor or second monitor set as the primary display. All forum topics; Previous Topic; Next Topic; Get Started Now! The reason I am asking is for security purposes. It's free for personal use … This means that the only way to make T.V. I also use TeamViewer in a manner where I am very sensitive to the host side display. since some version  of 14 (and unfortunately latest 15 as well), or some update of W10 pro, I have the problem on all of our computers. Forget this, I see version 13 has floating windows. but this is not reliable. is not spyware" answer. b. if not, is it possible to autohide it without the delay after the connection is established? The only way I can get it to apper is to change the Display %, then it only stays up for 1 iteration, so I finally locked it again. With the latest TeamViewer host version (12.0.77242) that popup stays on the screen even when the session is closed, which is absolutely unacceptable in our case. We are an outdoor advertising company, installing and maintaining digital screens that run commercials. The host has to give their ID/password to the client user, and the default is dynamic passwords. I use and pay for this app comercially, i dont want to see a web page randomly poping up on displays of system that dont have keyboards to be able to close the pop up. For 2500 dollars a year, i dont want to see that **bleep** or have it disable my systems. I'm on a Mac, communicating with a remote computer running Windows (the taskbar is set to auto-hide because an application runs full-screen on the remote computer which would otherwise be partically obscured by task bar). This is also part of our commitment to making sure the software is safe and secure and that people can feel safe with TeamViewer on their systems. File transfer informational popup. So my questions are:   a. it can be done, Host side panel will gt hide on auto. I have a workaround that seems pretty good. Maintenance that we do on the screens should have a minimal reflection on the display so customers and pedestrians see nothing other than playing content. Is it possible to run TeamViewer in a "hidden" mode? functional is to reduce the security by allowing all users to modify T.V. As a T.V. https://superuser.com/questions/62051/is-there-a-way-to-fake-a-dual-second-monitor. I'll be sure to keep that in mind when I don't renew our licenses next year. Write Settings within the search bar and choose the Settings option as the following image is showing: renders remote software inaccessible. We would like to … please consider this in an update... thank you for you time i hope you understand. I assume many TV users are out of office, controlling their own desk computers, running complex installed apps which cannot be loaded onto their mobile machines.Please at least consider the multiple corner option. Administrator I can set the policy to allow control of the remote Teamviewer thereby allowing hiding of the host panel. Set as below. Have you tried using a fake second monitor? That is just ludicrous. Because of this it is not possible to hide this message as it is the notification to the end user. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. This is the best way I have found but it really irks me to see the teamviewer logo on the right side of my movie the whole time. As a T.V. settings. you could offer this setting via local pc only which would cut any problem with with security issues if enduser wishes it to be so... make it so!!! Many applications allow other corners.Regarding surveillance, I agree with the principle, but the argument doesn't really hold water. T.V. I hope there is some way in which the Host Display Panel can be completely eliminated in an unattended session. If not, is it possible to make that popup autohide? Hide and show App icons on the Windows 10 taskbar. 1 person had this problem. As hundreds of thousands of Teamviewer users experience every day, the host panel covers a portion of the remote screen, rendering anything behind that panel inaccessible. Me too. This means that the only way to make T.V. T.V. My target machine has "auto-hide" set for the task bar. I have an application in which I need to see data, and mouse hover/right click across the bottom of the screen. What does that mean, is it possible to hide the icon on win10? If you install Team Viewer Host it removes the Team Viewer icon from the dock and only shows an icon in the menu bar, the application is also removed from the Mac application switcher (command + tab).