Hi Dana! We use it to make powdered sugar from regular white sugar when we need to. I used a nutribullet, filled about 1/2 way. Hmm, we don’t think that would work, unfortunately! I just used my food processor to make this. Trying to make today so I can make blueberry bombs. Plan to see how it works out in peanut butter fudge with a little sweetener added to the mix &/or chocolate. Mine is 7 and using 3-4 cups coconut flakes works every time. Had great success. That may have been part of it, but we also have not had success with a Vitamix for this recipe as the design of blenders isn’t conducive to blending coconut butter. I have a Cuisinart Prep 9 food processor! We find you have to almost fill the food processor with coconut before processing it into butter. But it didn’t work in the Ninja either, which overheated pretty quick, so I stopped for safety to my Ninja. If you give it a try though, report back! This morning I made a fruit bowl (papaya, yougert, almonds/cashews/walnuts, coconut, granola and drops of coconut butter. I am currently looking for a white “chocolate” option for a vegan cake pop. Wow this was easy! The only thing I can think it would be is the equipment you’re using. If you have a stick blender, use that. After some online research, I doubd out that I need to add at least 7 cups to my 8 cup ninja food processor. I’ had to add up to 3 teaspoons. Thanks, Dana, for your wonderful, inspiring blog! (I was putting the spatula through the opening in the pusher.) Thanks for the recipe. Add 3 cups of dessicated coconut to the food processor and begin processing. I literally got super liquid coconut butter! So maybe this butter, ricepowder, coconut oil and cacao butter would work- what do you think? I added about 8 tbsps of water by now and it’s forever just spinning in my processor nowhere near a butter! I started off with 3 cups, but when it had processed down a bit, I added in the 4th cup. Just don’t have time or money to waste like this. I end up blending for about 30 minutes and nothing happens. I did have to scrap the sides once or twice. I finally resorted to adding about one Tbs of milk (don’t have coconut oil). Sustainable oil blend (extra virgin coconut oil, non-GMO Sunflower oil, sustainable palm oil) purified water, sea salt, non-GMO distilled monoglycerides (emulsifier). Hi Joann! I personally had no trouble making it in a blender. Thanks for all the recipes and help. Don’t be so stuck on a recipe’s rediculous suggestions that you give up! Who knows! I’m so excited to try your recipes. Should I use a little coconut oil? Try adding more coconut flakes. Thanks for your instruction. perfect recipe!! Thanks so much! I dont think this is even possible. Thanks for sharing. I have only ever used dried so I’m really not sure! I was a little afraid to try your recipe after reading some of the comments, but I went ahead and made it anyway, in my Cuisinart food processor, and it worked like a charm! 250 degrees 20-30 minutes. hi, Do you think I could replace instead of cashew butter for vegan white chocolate? Yes! Then, it’s just blend, blend, blend until you have creamy, delicious coconut butter on your hands! I used my Cuisinart food processor and it worked like a champ :). BTW: made a frosting with the coconut butter, maple syrup, and coconut flour. Hope you enjoyed :D. Just made this and it turned out perfectly! All you have to do is after you have processed it up in your food processor into the liquid form, then you put it into your blender and blend for about a minute and you get it totally perfectly smooth that way. Took 2 minutes, tops. At about the 20-25min mark, when I was thinking of giving up soon, I decided to put in a couple Tbsp of hot water. There has to be enough coconut to cover the blades even after it’s been chopped into little teeny pieces. I am trying to find something comparable to SimplyNature ExtraVirgin Coconut Spread that I found at Aldi’s a few years ago. Do you have some suggestions? I’ve just made it and it came out perfect! Peanut butter in a food processor is the way to go. Please help!! Use a regular food processor. This was absolutely delicious and easy to make! Find out more about me here. Hey everyone! Great idea, Kirstyn! Forget buying 15 dollar jars!! Do you think this could be used as an egg substitute for cookies (rather than apple sauce or pumpkin puree)? I’m glad to know that it will. It might work fine. At the point that it starts to look as it does in the second photograph above, that’s when I added in 1 Tbsp of melted coconut oil (the second ingredient). What kind of horsepower mixer do you need at a minimum for this? Love all your work. I just looked at it and plan to make it real soon. My Hamilton is usually TOO high speed for veggies, but perfect for nut butters. Made this in my Vitamix from a 340g bag of coco shreds and now I have a stunning mason jar filled with delicious coconut butter that only cost $3.79! Do yourself a favour and grab some high-quality organic shredded coconut from the Whole Foods bulk bin section (a~$1.50 for a cup) and you’ll be amazed. The best part is that I did not purchase the expensive NurtiBullet. I used my food processor in low and for longer. I think I burned out the motor. Hi I just had a search too as I eat it for lunch on my rice crackers. Hmm, we aren’t familiar with that blender. I just made some coconut butter a few minutes ago and it is so wonderful and creamy. Michele from Mirboo North Victoria Australia. Thanks for sharing! I’d love too but don’t want to waste, Turned out great for me!!! Hi Stephanie, sorry to hear that happened! I just got some and within 3 minutes in my $29.99 Ninja food processor, I had a delicious coconut butter. Tried this with frozen coconut chunks in this ancient food processor I have. I made this and it turned out great. Thanks for sharing your experience, Ash! I really hope it’s just overheated and will come back to life again. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a9d22377d550d02f3841dcba1dfdab9d" );document.getElementById("b72c2f594a").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Hi I’m Alison Andrews! Sometimes the trouble with making coconut butter is that there isn’t enough coconut flakes to fill up the food processor bowl and it needs more volume to churn into butter. Leslie, did you just use the regular vitamix pitcher? Pulling it off & on the machine every 10 or 15 seconds & shaking down the product. Let it work and make sure you are scraping down the sides often. ★☆ :-(. I am thrilled with the results and it didn’t take as long as I thought it would! I had issues making the coconut cream I ran my Ninja food processor on and off for almost 30 minutes and finally gave up. I had to scoot down the flakes from the 4 corners of the vitamix almost constantly as it blended (I did low speed option at about 50%). The mixture was finally starting to look a little like coconut butter. Thanks for sharing, Mandy! Thank you for this. First tried in my kitchenaid blender until smoke came out ?. Thanks so much for the recipe and inspiration! I’ve also used it in recipes to make delicious things like Vegan Fudge, Peanut Butter Fudge, Vegan White Chocolate Truffles, and Vegan White Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs! I have a mediocre machine and do 12 oz bag of Publix greenwise unsweetened and it takes between 7 and 12 minutes. I was thinking of putting it back in the food processor and adding some coconut oil. We love it on our ice cream, but if that isn’t your jam, feel free to put it on muffins, waffles, pancakes, smoothies,ice cream, or oats! In the future, I think I’ll start with the hot water very early on, after the coconut has shredded down a lot, and will probably switch again to using the small processing bowl once the coconut has compacted down in the large processing bowl. Excited to look for recipes to use it in! And another fudge recipe without! Now I don’t need to anything more than just buying the coconut. How long will this butter last in the fridge? I chose this brand because it was the lowest in salt, sugar & had a higher fat content & no additives to retain color. Couldn’t find this in 3 stores that I tried. Random question. Learn how to make coconut butter in 15 minutes with 2 easy ingredients and a food processor! you can have that too. This was amazing and worked perfectly. The next important part is equipment! But if you want to have literally exactly what you would get if you bought a jar of coconut butter from the store right now, then…. I thought maybe the blades didn’t have enough material to work with. Plus, I sliced off the end of my silicone spatula twice, trying to keep the coconut falling down into the center instead of climbing the sides. Plus like I said, it’s the very same machine that you named. Now I will continue to make my own as it is much better than the stuff I did eventually find to buy. After about 30min (total), I added two more tablespoons of hot water. Ok, the main problem with making coconut butter is that the coconut flakes will stick to the sides of the blender (as you can see in the photo below) instead of getting blended by the blender blades. Sorry, this was a very expensive epic fail. I tried using a mini food processor in the past and it did not work very well. Lasts at least 2 weeks. We’re sorry to hear you had some issues with this recipe, Penny..