Very hardy and drought tolerant. Its name is French for "Large Dwarf". Pisang Ceylon grows to 14-16' tall and has a stout root system, making it one of the more "wind resistant" bananas. Juvenile leaves will have some reddish-purple markings, but later more mature leaves will be all green. Plants are green-leafed with red midribs, and can also have a reddish trunk. Well, I’ve been growing banana trees for the last 10 years. Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. As well as warm temperatures, you’ll need a location with sunlight most of the day and well-drained soil. Mature Height: 12'. Type: Dessert. Pisang Ceylon has a shelf life that out lasts other lady finger varieties by several days. Avoid areas that receive high winds. Not as cold tolerant as Raji Puri -- better suited to zone 9b and warmer. Dwarf varieties will also likely be shorter for the same age as the others  because they are slower growing. Limited selections as available, 2020 UPDATE:   No 7g bananas available until late spring 2021, Copyright © 2014-2020 e-widgets LLC dba Green Pointe Growers. Banana Plants Banana Trees Co. Melbourne, Florida. It fruit is said to have both the texture and flavor similar to vanilla ice cream. and it basically means it gets darn cold in the winter where I am. So how are we growing banana trees here? Likes evenly moist, well-draining, soil with fairly high levels of organics mixed in. The Pisang Ceylon cultivar is considered to be more resistant to Black Streak virus. In this country, you can grow bananas if you live in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 10. There are also some red species that thrive in zone 9. If you keep it indoors, place your banana tree by a large sunny window. DWARF ORINOCODwarf Orinoco is a vigorous growing banana that grows 5-6' tall. There are many kinds of interesting bananas to grow for the Florida home gardener. All Rights Reserved. Let's start with a basic few: Grand Nain, Dwarf Cavendish, and Pisang Ceylon 'Lady Fingers'. Expect up to 8' in a greenhouse, and even 10' outdoors in South Florida. Size of 3g plants will average 2' to 3.5' tall, depending on the season. Has shown good resistance to winds in excess of 50 mph. This banana tree has beautiful large leaves and produces medium bunches of silvery blue bananas … GRANDE NAIN: A cultivar of Cavendish, this is Chiquita's favorite. The leaves often become torn or tattered from the wind. They are distinguished from one another simply by height & features of the fruit. Hardiness: Zone 8-10. Winters well indoors. Zone 9 banana trees will thrive, especially with some thoughtful site conditions and judicious care. Around the main tree, it can shoot up 5-6 suckers around it. It likes a somewhat acidic soil pH of 5.8-6.2. 'BLUE JAVA' aka ICE CREAM BANANA Ice Cream grows 12-14' tall, has a vanilla & cream flavor, and is root hardy in zone 9a, maybe some of 8b if in protected micro-climates. Cultivated dessert bananas are generally seedless, sweet hybrids of Musa acuminata, while plantains or cooking bananas are usually either from Musa balbisiana or a hybrid of the two. Grows in full sun to partial sun in zones 8-11. Consider placing your tree either near a water source to provide humidity and reflected light or near a blacktop driveway that will radiate heat. It is one of the best tasting Lady Fingers in the world, and the most popular variety grown in India. Nam Wah aka DWARF ICE CREAM Dwarf Ice Cream only reaches 5-6' tall, has a similar vanilla & cream flavor, and is root hardy in zone 9a, maybe some of 8b if grown in protected micro-climates. They are light yellow in color and thin skinned. Banana Trees don’t like extreme heat, so afternoon shade will be more beneficial for your tree than morning shade. Flavor and texture is kinda halfway between a plantain and a dessert banana:  It's more sweet and tender than a plantain, but makes an excellent cooking banana. Bananas propagate quickly underground. It started when a friend gave me a “sucker” or two. Most zone 9 banana trees need full sun and high temperatures. RAJI PURISomewhat of a dwarf at 6-7' tall, Raji Puri is one of the more cold tolerant bananas for zones 8b & 9. In arid climates has shown some susceptibility to high ph 7.0. RAJI PURI  PINEAPPLEMuch like the Raji Puri, but slightly shorter and tangier, reminiscent of a pineapple flavor. Bears large, compact banana bunches weighing up to 50lbs. More than just cold hardy plants... This banana tree has beautiful large leaves and produces medium bunches of silvery blue bananas that are very delicious fresh or cooked. The trees prefer direct sun but not too much extreme heat. Grows in zones 8-11. Bananas grow best in tropical climates where heat, humidity and sunlight are plentiful. capacity is needed. This plant does best in temperatures of 65 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Plant your ice cream banana tree in rich, well-drained soil. Edible Bananas are botanically a berry, belonging to the Musa genus of flowering plants: primarily Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana. Banana trees range in size from 30-foot (9 m.) tall specimens to the dwarf Cavendish, which is small enough to grow indoors. That’s zone 6b on the USDA plant hardiness scale. Family: MusaceaeGenus: MusaSpecies: AcuminataCultivar: Ice Cream. for information on growing bananas and more historical data, please click here. 'BLUE JAVA'  aka   ICE CREAM  BANANAIce Cream grows 12-14' tall, has a vanilla & cream flavor, and is root hardy in zone 9a, maybe some of 8b if in protected micro-climates. Also works well for dehydrating or making banana chips. Soil. It is an improved 'Mysore' banana. 'Musa acuminata'Cavendish bananas are a group of cultivars of Musa acuminata that represented 47% of global banana production by 1998 to 2000. Soil: Good water holding. Also known as 'Sugar Bananas', the fruits are quite sweet and only 4-5" long. MANZANO  aka   'APPLE'  BANANA Like its name,   'Apple' has a distinct sweet apple flavor, strong tart apple smell, and a firmer texture than the Cavendish bananas. Size of 7g plants will average 5' to 7' tall, depending on the season. This is a short-season banana that is highly wind resistant, making it suitable for North Central Florida growing:  zones 9a & 8b. The name refers to its relative height, as distinguished from the Giant Cavendish and the Dwarf Cavendish. It has the sweetness of a typical dessert banana, and ripens in about 5-6 months from spring, making it one of the faster bananas to fruit in the area. Folds leaves at high temps but recovers at night. We carry many more varieties than just the basics:  some for flavor, some for their extended cold tolerance and easier fruiting in the temperate conditions of Central Florida. 'Pisang Ceylon' LADY FINGERS:Pisang Ceylon 'Lady Fingers' is the most common variety grown by Dole and used for their 'Baby Dole' or mini banana. Ice Cream Banana trees have a … DWARF CAVENDISH: At 6-7' average height, this banana is one of the shortest of the Cavendish bananas. Will turn yellow with too much potassium and is not a fast grower in low humidity. © Copyright 2020 — Hardy Tropicals Ltd. Co. & Guide of US Media. Get our FREE Tropical Gardening tips for your climate! PLEASE CHECK WITH US REGARDING AVAILABILITY BEFORE YOU ORDER! Grand Nain grows from 6-8' tall and can produce 40-60lbs of fruit at a time. Tolerates full sun at lower altitudes but at higher elevations needs a fair amount of sun protection. A 'bunch' of bananas:  one of the most fun fruits to grow! Ideal Growing Conditions for Ice Cream Banana Trees Sun and Shade. Ice Cream Bananas can tolerate partial shade, but need at least six hours of sunlight a day. Growing Ice Cream Bean Trees. It fruit is said to have both the texture and flavor similar to vanilla ice cream.