She went away, and I forgot all about it. He had, indeed, come back, and a converted man. Unspeakably precious as were and are the words of Christ, His deeds are far more. Is not God always giving? Without the cheque thou wouldest receive nothing, for the father of the heir knows nothing of thy name; but because he sees written there the name of his son he presents thee with the whole amount which his son has commissioned thee to receive. Hence we see at once that many prayers are not Christian. Does it not point to that great and blessed truth, "Whatsoever thing the Father doeth that also doeth the Son likewise."2. "I shall see if she loves me." What is meant by asking in Christ's name? Is not God always giving? Christ is such a friend (ver. THE MINISTRATIONS OF THE SAVIOUR, WHEN OUR HEARTS ARE RIGHT, AS THEY WILL BE VERY SOON, CANNOT FAIL TO SATISFY US. Notice how certain such prayer is of being answered. We must lighten our prayers by casting out self if they are to rise to the throne of God. They dishonour God, His Son, and His mercies, that ask anything but in the name of Christ.5. Now, when all our need is supplied, the necessity for prayer is, of course, taken away. The words "in My name" refer to the new meaning which Christ had given to prayer. L. Hull, B. SATISFIED DESIRES.1. "Even in laughter the heart is sorrowful," &c. But the "ransomed of the Lord shall return," &c. (A. Maclaren, D.D. (2) Are any kind of wishes which are presented in dependence upon Christ certain to be fulfilled? Does He need the utterance of our wants when He detects the secret desire in the heart trembling into words?II. 22). We must pray for Christ's sake, as the only procuring cause of the success of our prayers. Then there are prayers which ask for wrong things, or they ask in a wrong way, and so they are wasted. The increased responsibility of all who live in it.(T. This is the final message of Jesus to His disciples before His crucifixion. That woman does not doubt the power of prayer.(C. At the bottom His holy name stands written; the upper part we ourselves must fill up with our prayers; the Father will honour the draft to the whole amount for the sake of His dear Son; because whatever we are minded to ask in the name of Jesus, the Father will give us.(R. ", 3. When "a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief," He could never be with His disciples without blessing them. In seeking in prayer the mercies we need of God for Christ's sake accordingly (John 16:24). (d)Their own necessity (Hosea 7:14).3. (2) Put other things in the room of the Mediator, or join other things with Him. This implies —(1) The soul's being come to Christ in the first place (chap. The messenger laughed at the strange letter, and declared that no one could make it out, "Mother will understand," said the child. (3) There can be no acceptable praying to God but by believers united to Christ having on the garment of His righteousness (John 9:31). The promises of the covenant were all made to Jesus Christ, as the party who fulfilled the condition of the covenant (Galatians 3:16).3. (2) Wherein acting in prayer in the strength of Christ lies. If a warrant, or other legal document is to take effect, it must be endorsed by the name of some one in authority, otherwise it is so much waste paper. Let the people who lose their temper so easily, and say words which they bitterly repent, pray more frequently, and the bitter words would be turned into blessing.2. Our oracle is the living God, and whenever we are in doubt, or difficulty, or danger, let us ask God about it. (2) It prepares us to receive God's noblest gifts of love. (a)In general, in our relying on the Lord Jesus only for the success of our prayers in heaven.