So that was pretty fascinating. Jessica, thank you! If you made the recipe, please choose a star rating, too. :). Vegan Sweet Potato Cas, VEGAN GRAVY AND MASHED POTATOES !⁣ Not only is it delicious fresh, it keeps so beautifully with dressing on! Its a hands down favorite at our house. I’m glad he liked it enough for this salad! Also made it for a friend who is a picky eater and even she loved it :) A few times I had to swap the tomatoes for peppers, or the chickpeas for adzuki beans but it was a hit every time, once even with some quinoa added. I added both olives and pepper rings, and the dressing is divine. ), I am so with you Kate! I made this and loved it! It keeps so well throughout the week, too. Thanks for sharing your delicious recipes as this blog is a go to when looking for something good to prepare. It’s so delicious! Other great kale to use is dinosaur kale, baby kale and red kale. I always store tahini in the fridge and it lasts a long time. No matter which dressing you use, you’ll love this salad. Let me know how it works out for you! I have a lot of old favorites and tried-and-true recipes from this blog and the Love Real Food cookbook, but lately I’ve been trying to branch out, and I’m so glad I did for this salad! Look forward to seeing more recipes of yours. Recipe”) site. This recipe is delicious and helpful for health. Add the chickpeas, olives and/or pepper rings, sun-dried tomatoes, and Parmesan (if using). Let me know if you end up making it! I this recipe a few months ago and I must say that it is awesome. I added quinoa and white beans for extra protein and it was the perfect summer dinner. Based on some recent experiences, I declare that my work here is far from done. I have a few go-tos, and this just became my favorite. (And I appreciated your great kale salad tips. Thank you so much for reading and leaving such a nice comment! Your end result is clean tasting kale! Thanks for your review. This for sure is a crowd-pleasing dressing that you can add to so many more dishes. Last week I started daydreaming about these flavors again, but thought I might give it a go with roasted broccoli instead of kale. Serves 1 . I feel like you made this salad just for me. (It's all free.). The key is to chop up the kale real small. Thank you. My husband discovered that! I made this for lunch and it was delicious! I didn’t actually look at the whole recipe and I think I will try it, since I came back to make the dressing again. This was so delicious! I’m on a cleanse right now, but I’ve already made a note of this & printed the recipe. Perfect every time. This looks great — any idea how many calories per serving? Also tried out another reader’s suggestion and used a rolling pin to help start the softening process on the kale….after removing the stems. I ended up throwing a huge handful of fresh spinach in with everything too for a little more “filler”. Thanks for letting me be part of your (and Cookie’s) adventure. Thanks for sharing your take and review. Yes, that’s correct. I made this last night for a dinner with friends. Loved the combo of sesame oil, tahini and lime. This is what I came up with. NEW on the blog is this Vegan Chili - just in, Vegan Meatloaf and Cranberry Thanksgiving Leftover, Happy Thanksgiving from me and this Pu, MAKE THIS FOR THANKSGIVING! Try using a rolling pin rather than massaging, roll until the light green turns dark green. I made this salad tonight and both my husband and I loved it. Always looking for new kale recipes, this one definitely hit the spot! Yes! :). I love this salad and have made it a few times for friends and family. Thanks Kate! Will be making again! Firstly, I really enjoyed learning the science behind the Kale! :). © Cookie and Kate 2010 - 2020. And I’m so into this tahini dressing. Keep the amazing recipes coming! If you’re a kale lover like me you’ll have had kale in all its forms and preparations. Use your hands to massage the kale and break down its texture a bit until the kale starts to soften and wilt, 3-5 minutes.