The 6SE is arguably the most popular of the NexStar SE line. The NexStar SLT line, which they describe as “Designed to be an affordable entry level to mid-level computerized GoTo telescope,” constitutes their lower-end tier and includes Newtonian, Refractor, and Maksutov-Cassegrain optical tubes on their NexStar SLT mount. The NexStar 6SE may not be perfect, but it’s certainly a viable and decent entry-level option for beginners who want a GoTo telescope. With improved mechanics, including brass gears, a built-in rechargeable battery, and added features such as WiFi, it comes in 6, 8, and 9.25-inch versions. A lot of users report having issues getting the SkyAlign to recognize the objects being shown to it. The OTA that comes on a dovetail bar fits on the mount through the dovetail saddle. Anyone can see dazzling astronomical images online, but just like with music and theater, nothing really compares with seeing something beautiful for yourself – live and as it really is. That is especially true of real reflector telescopes. It has everything you need to get started and use this telescope right away. guide. The Celestron NexStar 6SE Telescope has 20% more power than the 5SE model and a whopping 50% more power than the 4SE model. But the SE line doesn’t always live up to their promises. When these mounts work, they’re really not too bad. The solder and component quality of the SE mount’s innards are not the best and may be prone to reliability issues down the road, but with the thousands of happy NexStar SE owners we’re confident that you shouldn’t have any trouble. This is on top of the tripod, database remote, and computerized mount that all already come included. A middle of the road focal ratio combined with this kind of light gathering ability is going to allow you to see the structure of massive galactic sights much more apparent. It is a little disappointing that Celestron could not add in one of their other power options that are less annoying than pure AA battery use into their telescope kit. Once you get over 5” in diameter for the primary Aperture of any telescope, you start to get into what I consider large-bore telescopes, and that is where the best light gathering ability starts coming into play. An award winning telescope from a formidable astronomy equipment brand, the Celestron NexStar 6SE is the third model of computerized telescope in the series (of four). Price correct at time of review. At the time I took over, we had two NexStar SE scopes, a, The NexStar line began in the late 1990s, mostly as a response to the LX200 that Meade had released, which was the first commercially successful GoTo, The NexStar product line today is actually. If you can point and focus the telescope on some of the most basic shiny objects above, then your telescope can quickly learn where the star is located and align itself properly according to the database. Celestron has long turned out some of the best optics in its price class. Several years ago, I took over responsibility for managing my club’s Loaner Telescope program. Building an affordable, powerful, automized telescope is not easy, and Celestron achieved that. When it comes to using a backyard scope, however, there’s more involved than just buying a ticket to … The power tamk I got last week was from Aldi - £31.00. Then you are ready to view whatever you picked. In fact, NexStar’s 6SE includes excellent optics to let you enjoy its intrigue. Once you pick an object, the rest of the computerized features come into play. If you plan on using this telescope frequently, I would suggest investing in the rechargeable battery pack or the power source to ease these frustrations. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I may earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. The 6-inch OTA provides a good balance between light gathering capability, magnification, size, weight, and cost. Celestron NexStar 6SE Review. March 31, 2020 at 9:06 am . This, coupled with a lightweight and compact form-factor and ease of setup, make a strong combination for the casual to moderately experienced observer. Featuring a 6-inch aperture, the Celestron NexStar 6SE provides more light than the 5-inch series by 44%. The NexStar 6SE is a great representation of Celestron's iconic telescope range. The biggest problem with the SE mount is that the power jack can lose connection, which will shut down the mount and require re-booting and re-aligning it – however, installing AA batteries in the scope as backup will prevent this issue. Motorized: No. It comes with Celestron’s popular 6-inch Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope, which has an actual aperture of 150 mm and focal length of 1,500 mm, giving it a focal ratio of f/10, which is typical of most SCTs. This allows you to view and capture clear and amazing heavenly bodies and space images. The 6SE is one innovation of many that Celestron has brought to the table. Magnification: 60x. 15 second exposures (maximum exposure time for the Meade LPI) - No filter and poor viewing. The Celestron NexStar 6SE Telescope also comes with a fully computerized goto mount, which uses a manual altazimuth base to move into position based on whatever object you pick. His girlfriend will tell you he owns way too many telescopes, but she’s wrong! This one is bigger and better than the 4SE and the 5SE but costs a bit more money and is less portable than the other smaller models in this lineup.