Job title: Average Salary: Program manager of engineering: $110,000: Senior project manager of engineering: $121,400: Solutions architect: $135,900: Engineering managers (less than five years of experience) $91,000: Managers (10 to 20 years of experience) $119,000 : Engineering project manager: $85,300: Why MBA finance after Engineering? Trying to decide between a DBA vs MBA degree can be confusing and difficult. MBA vs Masters in Management, which one to choose? B.Tech from IIT & MBA from IIM…wow If u completed ur from IIT then u get a handsome job & get a package of 8 -10lpa( average salary) After that u want go for ur MBA, doing MBA from IIMs. MBA after Engineering Salary. The MBA will provide the most skills for dealing with customers and the pure business aspects of running a business, and will be mostly useful if you want to leave the technical side behind. Read the 11 factors you need to know to understand which degree is better - an MBA or MiM. If you are one of those, then to decide between two courses, it is important to understand the qualities and details of each course. Salary: US$77,200. People who searched for Master's in Engineering Management vs MBA found the following resources, articles, links, and information helpful. … Many employees who want to get better paying positions in the current company they work for or employees who want to work for another company with a better salary package often make their career move after securing an MBA. What to choose between MBA vs Master of Engineering Management? reports the median salary for an engineering manager is $112,300, with a range between $77,000 and $150,000. Home to global business centers such as Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich, there are a wealth of industries for MBA graduates to choose from, and with healthy bonuses of around US$16,900, you can expect a total remuneration of US$94,100 annually. Germany is the largest economy in Europe, so it’s unsurprising that it makes it into the top 10 for MBA salaries globally. Hence, we thought of writing this post for those engineers who want to do their higher studies in Management field but confused about pursuing either MBA or Master of Engineering Management. But fear not, we’re here to help you every step of the way, with an in depth explanation of what both of these degrees entail.