General enquiry: 09 930 0902. Gas appliance installation 1> Leave at least 80 to 85cm between the top of the gas appliance and any cabinet or appliance hood install above prepared to be installed built in. The Cooker should be located carefully so that the heat produced by it has plenty of space to escape. The diagram below shows an ideal configuration. 2>Leave at least 5cm in the back and 2cm each side of the gas appliance to allow the heat to get out. After pressing the “ON/OFF” key, if no proper vessel is placed on the cooker plate, the induction cooker will not heat up and the alarm will sound to indicate that a vessel is required. 3>When installing the oven, be sure not to block the oven exhaust port. Clearances to non-combustible materials "If the cooker is being fitted next to cupboards or adjoing wall surfaces, which are within 200mm from the edge of the Get In Touch With Us. Number of burners: 5 Type: Gas Cooker Grill Power Supply -220V-240V-50Hz Oven Auto ignition Door with double glazing Cast iron grill User manuals, Midea Electric Pressure Cooker Operating guides and Service manuals. 372 - 376 Broadway, Newmarket Monday-Friday: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm … Midea cooking ranges use high quality SBT burners which pass international quality standards. After pressing the “ON/OFF” key, the induction cooker enters into manual cooking mode. Midea SP5055B059-B-G 5-Burner Gas Cooker features automatic ignition for one-touch control .Saving the consumption of the gas meanwhile keeping users away from danger. gas supply are nearby. Warranty claims: 0800 239 008. Download 18 Midea Electric Pressure Cooker PDF manuals.