Tune up a quarter step. Riff Rundown. 227. To play it like Dick Dale does, you would just apply the tremolo technique to these notes. Ver 3. Search. Favorites. Search This Website. The bridge melody is a simple, singing line in A minor, originally played on trumpet and arranged in this transcription for guitar. Download and Print Misirlou sheet music for guitar (tablature) by Dick Dale. Keep the articulation moving until you feel an even, purring sort of effect take place in your pick stroke. The theme, found at letters A, B, and E, is the central focus of the piece. Difficulty: Intermediate Quentin Tarantino used this classic surf tune in the soundtrack for his movie masterpiece “Pulp Fiction”. 13 ��IQI�O�M2炈ꚕ���ժ��"r.�a,dCX�X�}Z�a������۱}X� f���a���n{�(;J��y"M�[Z���E&X��L��a��>D�M&�۟M&�b����T�VӇ-�%B��%�yc`����g3C�G�^F�@��H])*p�q�T;8���Be)�Ê�T6~�T�H��� �s���[�hdY�Kc-F��)}E�R[6���Yȶ��1�Lo#I2�*���� �p��PGc71�n[�NL��X�F���Pٟ���w�쟽4����k��'.tfn� ����?�P����e������ˢAl�[ܕ�� No comments yet. Songs. In fact, it is an ideal introduction and appli­cation of the technique that provides an excellent picking warm-up piece for gui­tarists of all levels. Download printable PDF. >> Key Variations. You may want to apply a smooth, fuzzy distortion and use your bridge pickup to emulate the trumpet tone. PLAYLIST. Probably the result of tuning to a sharp instrument at the session or of a faster moving tape machine. Dick Dale's '62 version largely defined the surf sound. Its roots are in Middle Eastern music, and it was a 1940’s pop hit in Turkey two decades before Dick revived and reinvented the piece in 1962 – when he gave it a high-energy twist by performing it on electric gui­tar with his Deltones band. 4 0 obj ... Misirlou Guitar Tab by Pulp Fiction with free online tab player. http://powertab.guitarnetwork.org 16 I T A Guitar Tabs Universe Download Pdf. The earliest known recording of the song is a 1927 Greek rebetiko / tsifteteli composition influenced by Middle Eastern music. Official. 1 0 obj LIKE 2. For most, the definitive surf sound. /Producer (pdfFactory 1.64 \(Windows XP\)) Guitar Tabs & Sheet Music. It’s a part of Dick Dale Misirlou guitar lesson. These sorts of melodies yield striking results in a rock context as players like Vai, Satriani, Holdsworth and many others have already discovered. Download Misirlou Tab “Misirlou” is a traditional song from the Eastern Mediterranean region. In fact, though, Miserlou is a Greek folk tune from waaaaay back. ... Misirlou Guitar Tab by Dick Dale with free online tab player. Sign up Log in. Songs. Dick Dale and the Del-Tones popularized Miserlou in 1962. Tablature included, lyrics may be included. Ver 2. MP3 • • Annotate this sheet music. 22. LOCATION. Compared with the aggressive tremolo picked attack of the theme, it provides nice contrast with its slower-moving melody and more legato approach. � ��;�G�'��k�sK�cBb��9*8] �]�AW-F�%�d8��+p�)�Ӆ�B������[vT�J�!�7��H���^����TX�V� q�sQ�����.�(�Y�h�$�� �v�� ����|���ٍ���QHX��Z�1�A�l"��"U�P�Z�L��w�e̥ۘ�i0d,"�&{e���F�5�Hڷ�@��T-DMk/��j�u8PaeŠ�E=\fE��l��B�ii%�i,f�.��"�,�*a��I��X�tZ�GCW�;��� �+� /�� lW�˾��]%,%�G��pUq�BdpW� ~��U!d�Ȓ�j1"VQ���zHG�)s��B�����o�eU5\%�P/ +���yC�� ��P,[���n&� Misirlou – Guitar Tab. endobj The outside two are easiest (either the low E or high E) since they have only one adjacent string to avoid, and, not coincidentally, are the only two used throughout the main sections of Misirlou. SKU: MN0041620 List of Guitar Tabs. One accurate version. ... We have an official Misirlou tab made by UG professional guitarists.