First thing's first: It's time to select the perfect area for your Miss Kim Lilac.The process is effortless, but for Miss Kim to reach its full potential, it's important to plant in the right area. Syringa pubescens subsp. Deadheading, or removing faded blossoms, and pruning older branches that are not producing blossoms also improves flowering. 'Miss Kim' is a compact, upright cultivar which grows 4-7' tall with a similar spread. Specific epithet mean downy or hairy. Whether your lilac is a shrub or a small tree, it will need to be regularly pruned in order to maintain a healthy shape and size. A "Miss Kim" lilac responds well to pruning to maintain its compact shape and focus growing energy on younger wood that produces abundant flowers. Miss Kim lilac is a beautiful flowering shrub that produces fragrant, purple blooms in spring. patula 'Miss Kim' Sku #7202 This upright, compact lilac blooms later than others, extending the season with deep purple buds that reveal clusters of … Leaving old branches on the Miss Kim lilac does not ensure you of a voluminous blooming season in the future. This deciduous shrub has a short mature height and its distinctive fragrance differs from the common French lilac. For those who have limited space in their gardens, planting Miss Kim lilac trees is an excellent choice. Pruning. Genus name comes from the Greek word syrinx meaning tube or pipe in reference to the pith-filled but easily-hollowed stems of some genus plants. Miss Kim Lilac Flowers Are Turning Brown In June. Lilac-purple flowers,4-6" long, often occur in pairs, at the branch tips. Fragrant, colorful lilacs are easy to grow in most regions.