Skin cancer. This mole means money flows away from you quicker than you can earn it. You may also do physical types of work. If a mole is inside the sclera of the right eye, then it denotes easy money, however the mole inside the left indicates arrogance. Any man who has a mole on his right arm is very lucky. Back: People like this are unreliable, and with them one must ensure that all facts are available before one enters any sort of negotiation for any enterprise. Mole on the ear lobe. He helps others and gets help from others. Skin cancer most often develops on areas of your body that get the greatest exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. What a mole on the bicep means: On a man, mole on this arm muscle conveys that you need to work hard for anything you earn. A mole on the right shoulder brings prudence, discretion, a faithful marriage partner and very industrious. And a woman who has a mole on his right arm always has problems in prosperity and satisfaction in her life. On the left shoulder, satisfied with any position in life both socially and occupationally. The man who has a mole on his left arm always kisses success in his business. (ad) Wrist – Frugal, ingenious and dependable. For some rare people, moles are located inside the eye too. The native likes fine arts. 6. Mole on the sclera (white part of the eye) Image Credit: shutterstock. Image Credit: shutterstock. Flanks People with a mole on the right flank may be bogged down by fear. Success in efforts. Mole in the middle of eyebrow indicates wealth, fame and name.The person is a born leader and will excel in every field of life. Mole on right side of eyebrow indicates early marriage and a good spouse who will become a good luck charm for you.. Mole on left side of eyebrow is not lucky and the person will face difficulties handling his personal and professional life. A mole in the right armpit signifies a lust for money, while one in the left armpit is the mark of a man who is obsessed with women. A mole on the left arm means he gets fortune, earns enough money and wealth. A mole on the left or right elbow represents wealth and success. Moles on ears are good moles. A mole on the left hand indicates a person who wants to become rich but stays at average level. A mole under the right arm shows that one needs to be alert and cautious in matters of security. A mole on the upper part of the arm-a brave man. It’s commonly found on your face, chest, arms, and hands. What a mole on the right hand means: Mole located on the right hand helps attract a flow of money to you. A mole on the left flank belongs to people who lead ordinary lives. A mole on the right hand indicates a person who completes any task by tenacity and intelligent. They often lie. The woman who has a mole on her left arm; loves her husband, children, and family a lot. Mole on Elbow