Flower bulbs are fairly inexpensive if ordered online. My husband also puts down lime to help the water drain. First I put in the shady side, but it did not like that. yes, I could make cuttings and bring them inside, but that is too much work considering I have so much else to do in the garden. I take fuchsia cuttings all the time. If frost is predicted give a little protection. Consider also getting a climbing rose bush and planting it at the bottom of the trellis on the side of your house. How do I know if it is dead or just resting or dormant? You can trust Bamboo's advice. Good luck. I used to have this one I liked better but it died. Add another photo Fuchsia varieties. Fuchsia Questions and Answers. Hostas are perfect height for your planters and they survive practically in any conditions (even in dead dry soil, but grow slow). We close the schools if there's four INCHES of snow ;-). ?...just read internet information? And Melina, yes, you're right, I'll be sad if it really IS dead. BTW if you like it, they are one of the easiest plants to grow from cuttings. I took a new photos today of the woody stem. Ensure the potting soil (or garden soil for in-ground plants) is well … tropical_thought. Feeding with garden compost or fetiliser now would help as well. I don't feel that bad about it. And it gets cut down to the base every year. Potting up something is a lot of work. My husband is very into lawn care so I'll tell you what I've learned from him. Attachments front garden 2010 - summer. It lost most of the leaves due to blight. Fuchsias flower on the growth they make during this growing season, (just like roses & you must have seen how some people cut them right back to the ground every year & the lovely display they give later. I have two standard Fuchsias that I created myself, they are just coming into growth. The best thing you can do to over winter fuchsia is to put them into dormancy, which is kind of a rest for plants. Oh, the heresy!!!! I heard they are good for pots because they have small root systems. How do I know if it is dead or just resting or dormant? It IS surviving the winter. You'd still have that as well. You mean keep it in the house for one year in the winter until it grows enough wood. It is next to some solidago and in the summer the contrast between the bright yellow of that and the, well, fuschia colour of the fuschia looks AMAZING, especially on a sunny day - it really cheers you up looking out the front window and seeing such lovely bright colours. If you are afraid to cut it all back down to the ground, which is what we have to do here after winter has killed off all the top growth, try cutting just … I agree it's not the hardy species. Ye Gods, tropical, you're one awful pessimist. Is that because the fridge is actually warmer than outside? They are hardy even in south of the UK. 50/50 it will root in the water. Fuchsia Procumbens £9.50 at Burncoose, Fuchsia 'Riccartonii' £3.75 at Burncoose, Fuchsia Boliviana £15.00 at Burncoose, Fuchsia 'Lady Boothby' £14.50 at Burncoose. Don't cut it back any more until it has put on some growth in the spring. I would still suggest you have a go at cuttings some time. Mytime - I'd love to see Alaska. I have a large sticky, dead looking bush that's about 4ft high. Keep your questions coming in and I will add them to help others on their way. Look back at what I said on 31st January. I am a farmer and my husband and I regularly uses all manner of chemicals on our paddocks as do most non organic farmers so that we can get the most out of the crops. My old woody fuchsia, I got for free. There are literally ... First tidy them up by removing all dead, dying, damaged or diseased growth, and cut them back by around half if necessary to keep them compact. You might also consider putting a "winterizer" fertilizer on your lawn so that it will come up green in the spring. mytime - I'm curious you put yours in the fridge. Last year this one had not lost all it's leaves. I don't know how it takes to make wood or how much is enough wood, or if they all make wood in a equal amount. If I were you I would cut it all down to a few centimetres from the ground. I had another fuchsia, but it died due to failure to have wood, unless I want a house plant, which I don't, it won't do me any good to take a cutting. Maybe someone kept mine as a house plant before clucking it into the street? try not to worry it is alive.i have been in my garden this morning and theres the tiniest little bud.i cut one of mine as you have and it was the same.good luck. I have an old fuchsia in a pot on the patio (I think the roots are down between the paving slabs)This is its 17th year from its start as a pot fuchsia in a mixed planter. (sorry if not tropical! ) If your soil is not very good (your local agricultural extension can test it for you), then bulb flowers work in pots as well. But it is clearly alive. I haven't told anyone that they must use glyphosate, my response came from questions asked. Disease of a Fuchsia Plant. Don't worry, this will not hurt the plant, just the opposite in fact, there's bound to be lots of dead twigs in the centre where light & air can't reach during the flowering season. A cutting would not have time to make all the wood before next winter and would die in the next winter. ... Q. Root Rot - I pulled one of my fuchsias out of its pot, and not knowing what root rot looks like, I was ... Q. Have either of you done a course? They are so easy there is really no reason not to do them. Grows on You is a community for gardeners. I could try cutting it back to zero if that would improve it. I guess that is possible, but I had one I liked quite a bit more, as it was more pretty, but that one died in the first winter. I assume you can only grow the hybrids without a green house in Hawaii or places like that. Add another photo. It must have grown 6" a day. Evergreens for me is a must have, as house looks bare in winter, and I believe on other side you have them. Your fuchsia is ALIVE. I found it on March 04, 2010 in pot thrown away and it was almost dead. One easy way to keep your lawn green is with aluminum sulfate. Has anybody got a Fuchsia that looks dead? Whatever you chose to plant hostas or annuals go monocolor or close to it (orange-yellow, blue-purple) to make a statement. Choosing fuchsias for your garden brings bold color and visual interest to your home. I would suggest "freestyle" groupping under the tree (far left hand side) and plant some ground creeping plant in front of them. He also fertilizes in the early spring and late fall, and we have the greenest grass on the block.