third year of no edible peaches .... they all get these drips of clear sap on them and eventually either shrivel … My guess is some bug like aphids (others do this too) is on the peaches. I would like to know what is causing this to happen and how I can combat it. Answer. A local nursery said definitely gumosis. My peaches look similar – splitting with a clear substance oozing from them. Frost damage – Frost damage can cause nearly invisible cracks that cause sap oozing in nectarines as temperatures climb in the spring. They secrete a small drop of sugary stuff out of their backend and actually attract ants this way. my peaches has gel oozing out of it. Answered. Peaches have sap on them !! BUT, what about the peaches? I planted a peach tree 4 or 5 years ago and the peaches have begun to appear. Harvesting the peach-sweet, plum-smooth red-gold fruit from a nectarine tree (Prunus persica var. still keeps on coming out. Also, anything to keep the squirrels from eating all the fruit in my yard. The ants like the sugary stuff. I never heard of the peach problem so I'm just throwing out a guess. I know that it isn't brown rot. And now that the leaves have fallen I see a some amber colored jelly like substance in a couple of places on branches. I know I can buy spray for it. this is the first time we have peaches that … What is it and how can I get rid of it? By the way, when I cut it open the area under the hole is brown yet i can't seem to see any bugs in it. I have a gummy clear sap coming out of my peaches when they become golf ball size and have noticed it at the base of the tree as well. There’s not much you can do about these cracks, except to provide your plant with excellent care and paint the trunks white in the fall, once cracks have healed. What is this jelly like stuff coming out of my peaches? But there is like this jelly like type stuff on the outside of the peaches. I also have borer on the base right below the dirt line. Why Is There Sap on My Nectarines?. Carol -- Carol (, May 29, 2000. nectarina) is a summer highlight. The peaches on my tree has recently started to excrete a clear, sticky substance that hardens when dries, and once I wipe it away a small hole can be seen. We have been try to dig the borer out with wire , twigs etc.