Since the focus of Mylar is durability, polyester is a must for more severe and endurance-demanding conditions. Mylar bags with premium high-quality labels. Providing high quality custom printed labels, custom stickers, for food, health and beauty, manufacturing, packaging and more. Skip to content. There are several advantages to printing on Mylar, and Mylar labels have a huge array of practical applications. PGGU2.MH10170 Marking and Labeling System Materials. Great Service Comes Standard with Our Mylar Labels: You won’t find many Mylar printers who you enjoy working with as much as Data Graphics. We won’t risk our reputation on anything less. Home; Catalog; Contact CMB; Submit. LOUD FARMS - LOUD 3.5 PRINTED CUSTOM BAGS. Digital Printing on Mylar|Overlays and Control Panels That Impress. We can print in whatever way works best for you. The decision is based on the application, and not the substrate, unlike some materials. Shop DIY label templates or download and print instantly! Our friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff has literally hundreds of years of collective experience. We offer only the highest quality printing so your bag is retail ready. Moreover, we average 99% approved order rates. Mylar labels are quite durable both chemically and dimensionally stable, especially for a plastic. We will help you find the best materials, adhesives, and printing methodologies for your unique project. Get a fast quote on the durable labels that can withstand all the punishment you throw at them. Custom Printed Labels and the Importance of Material Sampling, Call us at 201-652-6544 between 8:30-4:30 EST. CUSTOM MYLAR BAGS - Make your own LOUD Mylar Bags! BoPET (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) is a polyester film made from stretched poly-ethylene terephthalate. Our custom labels have endured and survived in some of the most exacting and punishing working environments on the planet, from the middle of the ocean, to tens of thousands of feet above the surface of the earth. These Mylar balloons are pre-treated for printing. Here is an easy method for labeling the smooth surface of Mylar bags that can stand the test of time. Custom designs available. Since handmade labels and adhesive labels can fall off or become unreadable, label each side of the Mylar bag. This versatile polyester material was developed in the 1950’s by DuPont, Imperial Chemical Industries and Hoechst, and also goes by the common trade names Melinex and Hostaphan. To determine if this is the right substrate for your project, and if our custom Mylar printing services are for you, please call us at 800-639-4316 for a free consultation; or read on to discover: Mylar labels are used to resist exposure to a wide range of harsh and demanding work environments, and we use a precise manufacturing process to ensure you get the best products. Look legit with popular cannabis strain packaging and freshness labels. Mylar labels are most usually associated with either clear labels or shiny the metallic label look on a durable film base. With lead times as low as 4 weeks, and low minimum order quantities, printing can take your project to the next level. Thus, when printing on Mylar, the primary concern is color match and choosing an ink that is appropriate to the use, such as fade-resistant UV inks. You won’t find a Mylar printer as committed to your success as Data Graphics. Printed Bags as well as Sticker Bags both or even labels to go and Label YOUR OWN LOUD Bags! We get your Mylar overlays, tags, name plates and labels to you on time. First, before you start filling your bags with food, label the bag. Search Cart. You may also request samples of both films to test and determine what will work for you. Call 800-639-4316 now and see for yourself just how fast our process is. Quick View. Reach out to our friendly team for a quote on your Mylar label order. Data Graphics is the rare mylar printer that has a variety of the most modern and high tech machines. Your Mylar printing projects couldn’t be in safer hands. We can screen print or digitally print Mylar labels, which means it is possible to include variable info, such as UID’s, barcodes, QR codes, and serialization. Protection from chemicals, aggressive cosmetic ingredients or ultra violet rays often require polyester labels as well. Browse our selection of designs from Joke’s Up, Zourz, Sharklato and Balla Berries. Childproof Smell Proof Plastic Jar With Custom Label. Please call us today at 800-639-4316 and discover the DG difference for yourself. We do whatever it takes to help our clients’ solve their printing problems and find the most cost-effective solution, whether that is printing on Mylar or another substrate, using whatever methodology works best. Over the years, these other methodologies might prove significantly more cost-effective because the label or nameplate does not need to be replaced for decades. We continually invest in the best equipment and certifications. Mylar® is technically a brand name for DuPont’s polyester film, but the two terms are often used interchangeably, much like “Kleenex” and “tissue.” There are several advantages to printing on Mylar, and Mylar labels have a huge array of practical applications. Our Mylar Labels are Perfect for a Variety of Uses: In short, companies large and small look to Data Graphics for Mylar printing services around the world and in nearly any conceivable application. silver brushed/stainless finish Mylar stickers, Our Mylar printing services are unrivaled, and we would love to create your Mylar labels. 78 $453.60 $453.60 These include waterproof environments, extreme weather related conditions, high performance requirements, long term durability, very high and low temperature environs, and applications that demand dimensional and protective stability (battery labels, engine labels, or cell phone screen covers). Fully Custom Printed Mylar Bags not only saves you time over labels, it is a better marketing tool, helping you sell your product. Award-Winning Quality: Data Graphics is proud to be one of the most highly decorated Mylar printers in the nation. Security and Confidentiality: Data Graphics is one of the few providers of Mylar printing services that is also ITAR Registered (International Traffic in Arms Regulations Compliant). Our happy clients read like a “Who’s Who” of Fortune 1000 manufacturers, including Boeing, GE, Lockheed-Martin, and even NASA. CUSTOM MYLAR BAGS - Make your own LOUD Mylar Bags! One of the advantages of printing on Mylar is that the substrate is compatible with a wide array of bonding agents and pressure sensitive adhesives. Period. We mean really fast Mylar printers. Any other Mylar overlays, Mylar tags, Mylar stickers, or Mylar decal. A Mylar decal, overlay or label can have high performance characteristics in many different circumstances and on a wide range of surfaces. Selected as a 2019 Outstanding Small Business Supplier to Lockheed Martin! Direct Printed Black Acrylic Jars. Clear Tubes for Cannabis Cigars with Custom Label. Ready-Made 420 Packaging Pre-Labeled Mylars, Pull-Ring Tins, Glass Curing Jars. LOUD FARMS - LOUD 3.5 PRINTED CUSTOM BAGS. Please note that our current production time is 20 Business days (excl. You’d probably be better off printing labels with a label press that can dye cut the labels and getting a flat pack applicator you apply the labels. Our expert staff will be happy to provide you with the best Mylar printing solutions. With that level of experience, we know how to solve Mylar printing problems. We do all of our own fabrication in-house, so there are no delays on getting your Mylar labels die-cut, embossed, or kiss-cut. This is especially true if your custom label needs to endure years of abuse, or exposure to the elements or harsh chemicals. Submit. As an ITAR firm we adhere to the highest standards of security and confidentiality for our clients. In fact, more than 60% of our custom Mylar tags, overlays, labels, and nameplates are shipped ahead of time. Other adhesives offer high initial tack, high shear, and high ultimate bond to a wide variety of surfaces including low surface energy plastics and painted metal. We are proud to be recognized as one of the leading Mylar printers in the nation, and would welcome the chance to discuss your project. At Data Graphics, we manufacture and deliver Mylar labels to our customers in the industrial manufacturing, technology, telecommunications, medical, military and aerospace industries. We are also one of the few Mylar printers who have been UL Approved, AS 9100: 2008 Compliant, Metalphoto Certified, RoHS Compliant, and ISO 9001: 2008 Certified. They possess outstanding mechanical and dielectric strength.A Mylar decal has low water absorption capabilities and is a remarkably good electrical and heat insulator. A Mylar decal, label or overlay is able to withstand extreme heat fluctuations, as high as 302 degrees as cold as – 40 degrees.