STATUS: Live. Fortunately Lee Woolf had downloaded the Namola App which not only comforted her, but also saved her life. Namola is the fastest way to request emergency assistance. It said the app’s latest update adds free Covid-19 support tools to the app. Send Something wrong or missing? The app called Namola, allows people to alert the nearest police officers when in need instead of calling 10111. Thank You We will get back to you as soon as possible. Namola adds Covid-19 tools: SA startup Namola, which runs a safety app, said yesterday that it continues to serve users in getting 24-hour emergency response. It’s a free emergency app that connects South Africans to safety just by a press of a button that tells operators who you are and where you are.GPS technology means Namola can pinpoint your location to help emergency services reach you faster Online presence Zulzi On-Demand App. Sign In . Zulzi On-Demand App. Groceries delivered within an hour. About Us Terms and Conditions . Let us know. Don't have an account? Namola is described as SA’s “leading safety app that helps you receive emergency assistance when you most need it.”The app also supports a family feature to ensure that your loved ones are safe S afety and security app Namola is now available across all nine South African provinces. Sign Up or Forgot password? ... Brent Lindeque is the founder and editor in charge at Good Things Guy. Explaining why Namola decided to partner with Huawei, and integrate with HMS, company CEO, Peter Matthaei says, “Namola users love their Huawei devices for their great quality at affordable prices, and the share of Huawei device users of the Namola app is steadily rising. By using your phone’s GPS location we’re able to tell nearby responders who you are and where you are.